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Would you get your Partner's name tattooed? | Tattoo Ink Wholesale Suppliers


Sometimes when we have someone in our lives that we love, we want to show them how much they mean to us and some people choose to do this by getting their name tattooed on them forever. Is this really a good idea? We’ve all heard cautionary tales and seen the pictures of people with names scribbled out in tattoo ink, a lot of tattoo artists even joke that there is some kind of jinx surrounding the concept. So is it a clear cut NO when it comes to name tattoos? Here at MTS, we are interested in finding out as a tattoo ink wholesale supplier, we’d like to make sure that the ink we sell doesn’t contribute to anything regrettable! One important thing to note is that there are many different circumstances under which people get names tattooed on them and I’ll be covering a couple.


I think this is the one that causes the most controversy, this is the one that tattooists say hold the jinx. You get your girlfriend/boyfriends name tattooed on you then a week later you find out some horrendous fact or decide you don’t like each other anymore and then it’s splitsville. This doesn’t happen ALL the time but it happens enough for people to use it as a warning. As a general rule, I wouldn’t get a partners name tattooed on me, I’ve been with my own partner 10 years and we are happy and stable but I still wouldn’t do it because things and people always change.

What if you are married? If you have made the commitment of getting married then surely a little bit of tattoo ink isn’t that big of a deal? Well, I would still say ixnay on the nameay, even if you are married because when you think about it a tattoo is an even bigger commitment than marriage. That might sound absurd but people get divorced all the time, but you can’t divorce a tattoo. You can get it covered up but you will always know what is underneath and laser removal leaves scars, so maybe getting married is enough to show your commitment.

Family Members

This one seems slightly more trivial, I mean your family are definitely going to be your family forever and though you might argue or fall out as we all do sometimes, it’s unlikely that a family member would hurt you enough for you to regret having their name on you forever. As a tattoo ink wholesale supplier we know it’s common for people to get their children's names tattooed on them, or even handprints and footprints, it can be a nice tribute to them. Family members names are usually safe especially if you get one as a memorial for a loved one who’s passed away.

Getting someone's name tattooed on you forever is a big decision and the person in question should be very touched if you choose to do this for them. I think that it is something that you should definitely think long and hard about before going through with it.

If you want to pay tribute to someone but you aren’t sure then something that I would recommend is instead getting something that represents the person you are paying tribute to. I said earlier that I wouldn’t get my partners name tattooed on me but I would get something that represents him, for example, I was playing around with the idea of getting Beatrix Potters Benjamin bunny, because I loved Beatrix Potter growing up and my partners name is Benjamin, so it’s for him but if the unthinkable happened it would still be there but as a tattoo that meant something to me.

In fact, this method of getting a representative image rather than a name is something I would also recommend for family members instead of their names, for example, my mum has been a Prince fan since she was 14 so I would perhaps get “The Love Symbol” that Prince created. I think that these little representative images can be much more personal than a name, kind of in the way that if you give someone a thoughtful gift for their birthday it usually means more to them than just getting cash, because it shows that you have thought about them and what they would like. I’m not trying to discourage people who want name tattoos, if you want one and you’ve thought long and hard about it then have at it!

What do you think? Would you get someone's name tattooed on you? Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for ink then we are a tattoo ink wholesale supplier and you can find what you need on our store!

Love Katy...


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  • Katy Jackson