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Where is the painful place to get a tattoo? | Tattoo Needles


Everyone knows that tattoos hurt but where hurts the most is a topic of much debate. Thanks to shows like Ink Master we know where is generally painful such as ribs or the top of the feet. As I have said many times everyone experiences pain differently and at different times, remember my story about how one of the tattoos on my chest was borderline unbearable but the same place on the other side was fine? Well, I suppose this is why it is such a debate, well as we sell tattoo needles, the culprit of this pain, we thought we'd get in on the debate. I expect everyone has seen this diagram although the meter at the side might be a little dramatic:

I would say 'pass out' is a bit of an exaggeration for any tattoo though people have been known to do so. I would say that this diagram is mostly accurate though, other than the abdomen being so red as I have been tattooed there and it was hardly anything. This is the problem though, for me, it was hardly anything, someone else might be much more sensitive there.

Tattoo needles are small and it's surprising how much pain they can inflict if used on certain parts of the body. Areas of your body like your shoulders have fewer nerve endings there so it tends to hurt less and as a general rule skin close to the bone can be more unpleasant. This isn't necessarily to do with the pain but the sensation can be very uncomfortable as the nearer your bone the needles are the stronger you can feel the vibrations of the needles and this can cause the tattoo to feel more painful, so for areas like your ribs, collar bone or feet it can feel very painful. The fattier areas of your body like your stomach and buttocks can go either way, some people say because there is more meat there the less it hurts, but there are still a lot of nerve endings in these areas so this really leave it down to your own tolerance for the pain. 

If you are really afraid of the pain of a tattoo, it might be worth reconsidering getting one, as I said tattoos are painful no matter where you get one. So if you are a person who can't stand pain then ask if you really want a tattoo that bad, if you do but are still apprehensive then you can check out our post on how to make the experience a little less painful.

What do you think? Where was the most painful place you got tattooed? Let us know in the comments! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for tattoo needles we sell them in our store, so check them out!

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