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Why get a Cover up tattoo? | Laser Aftercare from The Aftercare Company


Cover up tattoos are the perfect solution for those who want to completely mask a bad or regrettable tattoo that they no longer wish to have.  The majority of us will have had bad tattoos at some point in our lives, and for many people it's not too much of an issue, especially if they're small or in a pretty discreet place, but for others it's not always the case, and it can have a hugely negative effect on their confidence. This is where cover up tattoos can be a saving grace for those who've had something done that they've later gone on to regret. 

It's only been in the past half a decade that social media platforms like Instagram have enabled people to become exposed to great tattoos, allowing them to access the online portfolios of incredibly talented tattoo artists, who without social media, people may not have even been aware of their work.  Before these kind of platforms, it wasn't as easy to find the right tattoo artists as quickly and painlessly as you can nowadays, so there are plenty of people out there who have had work done, and only afterwards realised that they should have gone elsewhere for it. 

This is why cover up tattoos can be a great option for people who are longing to get rid of old tired work that they're really not into, and have their favourite artist cover it with something fresh and new, giving them a boost of confidece. Whether it's an ex-partner's name, or something embarrassing from a boozy holiday, cover up tattoos more often than not are a viable option, although they may take quite a bit of planning depending on the size and shape of the tattoo, and will often require some darker colours on the new tattoo in order to hide the previous one. 


It's easy to assume that all tattoo artists are willing and able to cover up any manner of work, however this isn't always the case, and you should never be annoyed or offended if your tattoo artist decides that the cover up tattoo you want isn't doable.  Some old tattoos just aren't that salvageable, and if your artist genuinely believes that it's more trouble than it's worth, then sometimes you should take their word for it.  This is when laser becomes a more suitable option.  It's not for everyone, and you won't necessarily need it before you have a cover up, but for some, it's crucial in order to get rid of the pigment and allow for a lighter surface area for your new tattoo. 

Below are some examples of really cool cover ups. Of course they're a fair bit bigger than the original tattoo underneath them, and they each have a certain degree of depth to them in order to prevent the darkness of the previous tattoo from showing up underneath. Each style works perfectly, and you'd never know that the previous tattoo was ever there!

Artist unknown

 Artist unknown

 Artist unknown

If you guys have any cover-ups tattoos, we'd love to hear about them! Or, if you're debating covering an old tattoo then why not leave us a comment in the comment section?  If a cover up tattoo isn't quite a viable option for you just yet, and you're in need of some laser tattoo treatment, then don't forget to stock up on Laser Aftercare from The Aftercare Company, which is avaialble to purchase on our website. 



Love Toni x



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