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Why it doesn't matter that your tattoos will still be there when you are 80 | Tattoo Machine Supplier


If you have tattoos you then you are sure to hear this phrase or some variation of it at some point "you know those will still be there when you are 80?" it's so common for people who don't have or like tattoos to say this that it has become a meme at this point. I think there are many things wrong with the sentiment and as a tattoo machine supplier then we here at MTS feel some obligation to explain exactly why these people are wasting their breath, here we go.

"You'll regret that when you are older" is perhaps one of the variations we will hear as tattooed people, there seems to be a strong concept of regret surrounding tattoos because of their permanence. Yes, it is true, some people regret their tattoos but this is probably because some people get regrettable tattoos. I think that this sentiment is best applied to impulsive people who have gotten drunk or on a whim decided to get a joke tattooed on them, they are the people most likely to regret it. 

Tattoo veterans on the other hand love tattoos, and yes interests change over time but tattoos are more than a passing interest for most people that get them. People who are passionate about tattoos invest a lot of time and money into this art and more often than not the tattoos they get mean a great deal to them. They aren't just going to wake up on their 80th birthday and suddenly hate their tattoos. 

I get what these people are saying, our bodies change over time and the tattoos will change or look somehow worse on older skin but it's important to understand somebody who loves tattoos isn't going to feel that way! For starters if their tattoo tells a story about them then they are going to feel nostalgic about their tattoos, they might have ones that remind them of a certain experience or a certain feeling they had at one point in their life. Tattoo enthusiasts appreciate the art of tattooing not only for the aesthetics but for the concept of them in general. On top of all this, older people get tattooed too! So the next time you feel the need to condescendingly remind someone that tattoos will still be there when they are older, try to consider the fact that the person you are talking to won't necessarily feel the same way about tattoos in general as you do.

What do you think? Has someone said this to you or have you said this to someone? If you think that I have gotten something wrong then let us know in the comments! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking to by tattoo machines then we are a tattoo machine supplier and you can find them in our store!

Love Katy...


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  • Katy Jackson