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Wonderful Walking Dead Tattoos | Eternal Ink Zombie Colours Set


So, The Walking Dead season is finally upon us, and it’s about time too considering the massive cliff-hanger we were left with at the mid-season break of series 8! AMC's The Walking Dead has amassed a huge cult following ever since it graced our screens in 2010. The zombie-filled hit TV-show has had us in endless suspense with every episode, and now it's back on our screens, we couldn't be more excited!  Each episode follows former sheriff deputy Rick Grimes as he attempts to lead his group of loyal followers to a safer more fruitful way of life, taking down all manner of evil as he goes. We're curious as to whether part 2 of this season will see a conclusion to Negan's merciless reign of terror (but we’re not holding our breath!)

With every cult following comes fan art and tattoos, and The Walking Dead is no exception to this. There’s tonnes of great Walking Dead themed tattoos out there, and as a supplier of the Eternal Ink Zombie Colours Set, we were particularly thrilled to see some of the really cool fan art that’s surfaced recently!

There are so many brilliant characters in this comic book-turned TV-show, so whether Rick Grimes is your hero, or Daryl Dixon would be your go-to-guy in a Zombie Apocalypse, we're sure you can appreciate these incredible tattoos we’re about to show you! Check them out here!

First, my current favourite character Negan by tattoo master Nikko Hurtado. Love him or hate him, Negan is one of the most intense and impactful characters that the show has seen in a long time, and we’re hoping we see a lot more of him in the episodes to come.

Abraham's untimely death by the hand of Negan and his trusty weapon Lucille was one of the most climactic scenes ever on the show. We’re loving this piece by Taryn Lee.

Not always the most popular of characters, but an important character nonetheless! This Carl piece is a brilliant neo-traditional tribute from a loyal fan.

Joe Worral has a penchant for horror pieces, and no Walking Dead post would be complete without a Walker piece in there!

Another cool Negan piece, this time in Black and Grey. An excellent tribute to one of the best characters the show has ever seen.

Daryl has always been a really popular character and was as bit of an underdog at first. This piece by Victor Chill is insane!

Last but not least, the star of the show... our hero – Rick Grimes! An excellent piece of work, and a perfect fan tribute to Andrew Lincoln.

So there you go! Some wonderful Walking Dead tattoos to get you in the mood for the new episodes. If you’re going to be creating some ‘Walker’ style tattoos then we'd highly recommend the Eternal Ink Zombie Colours Set which features a whole host of creepily cryptic colours such as Freshly Dead, Infected Skin, and Gangrene, which are perfect for your Walking Dead works of art! We'd love to hear from you if you’ve made a Walking Dead themed tattoo, so make sure you leave us a comment below if you have one to show us!



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