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What's New With the Tattoo Laws in Wales?


The tattoo industry in Wales is undergoing a major change, with the Welsh Government introducing stricter laws and regulations.

This new licensing scheme, which will be the first of its kind in the UK, aims to reduce infections and poor working practices that are often associated with tattooing and other procedures. Clinics offering piercings, semi-permanent make-up, acupuncture and electrolysis will also be affected by the new bill.

The rules are set to come into force soon and will have an impact on tattoo artists across Wales. In this article, we'll look at what these changes mean for tattooing in Wales.


Tattoo laws in Wales, UK


What Will the New Tattooing Rules Mean for Tattoo Artists in Wales?

Under the new tattooing laws, it will be mandatory for tattoo artists in Wales to apply for a license.

Upon successful approval, these practitioners and legitimate business premises will be added to a central public register.

As a result of the new licensing scheme, approximately 3,500 practitioners and 1,868 premises in Wales will need to obtain approval.


Approved stamp after meeting new UK tattooing rules


Currently, 95% of the practitioners who have already completed the Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention and Control have met the required standard.

What Will These New Laws Mean for the UK Tattoo Industry?

It has long been understood that tattoos, piercings and other clinical procedures are dangerous or can cause harm if performed incorrectly or with little regard for hygiene standards.

Wales’ new tattoo laws are a way of tackling the risk of infection and poor practices by introducing thorough training and regulation. 


Coloured tattoo ink tattoo laws UK


It is hoped that this initiative will help make tattooing safer and more accessible across the nation. Once successful, it is likely that other UK nations will follow suit with their own tattoo laws.

All in all, tattooing regulations should provide a much-needed boost to the industry as a whole. Following this new licensing scheme, tattoo artists across Wales can be sure that they are meeting the highest standards of tattooing. This should give tattoo enthusiasts peace of mind when considering a tattoo or piercing.

The new tattoo laws in Wales are an exciting development for tattoo artists and consumers alike, with tighter regulations helping to make tattooing a safer practice for everyone involved.

By introducing mandatory national licensing, the new Welsh tattooing rules have set a precedent for tattoo safety and regulation across the nation.

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