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Magnum reviews: best PMU pigments 2023


Are you a permanent makeup artist looking for the best pigments to create stunning and long-lasting results? Look no further! In this blog, we will explore some of the top PMU pigments available in 2023.

We’ll highlight their exceptional qualities, versatility, and transformative abilities so that you can find exactly what your project needs. Whether it be subtle or bold colours, these pigments are sure to deliver unbeatable results. Get ready to discover the crème de la crème of PMU pigments!

What is the difference between PMU pigments and tattoo ink?

PMU pigments are specifically designed for the purpose of permanent makeup. This includes permanent eyeliner, eyebrow procedures, or lip colouring. They contain ingredients that are non-toxic and have been specifically formulated to suit this type of application.


Tattoo artist pouring PMU pigment into ink cup


These organic and inorganic pigments are designed to fade gradually over time, allowing for adjustments and touch-ups as desired.

Tattoo ink, on the other hand, is typically used for body art tattoos, which aim to create permanent designs on the skin.

Tina Davies by Perma Blend

The Tina Davies pigment range is well-known in the world of permanent makeup. Born out of a collaboration between professional makeup artist, Tina Davies and cosmetic tattoo ink manufacturers, Perma Blend, this line is designed to provide superior quality.

Tina Davies PMU pigments

The 'I Love Ink' collection boasts some of the best PMU pigments for microblading and other eyebrow procedures. The collection features seven pre-mixed shades to simplify the process of colour selection, ranging from Ash Brown all the way up to Ebony.

Tina Davies 'I Love Ink' shades are predominantly comprised of organic pigments. Thanks to their high-quality formulation, PMU artists will be able to deposit the ink into the skin effortlessly while the colour experiences minimal fading.

Brow Daddy by Perma Blend

The Brow Daddy Gold Collection is yet another exceptional range from the Perma Blend team. These pigments were designed in collaboration with Ruben Kasper (Brow Daddy), a professional brow artist renowned for his signature permanent makeup skills and techniques.

Brow Daddy pigments are pre-mixed in 10 gorgeous shades, ranging from Iced Caramel, a light blonde shade all the way down to Tokyo Black, which is a dark brown to black.

Brow Daddy Gold Collection PMU pigments

This cosmetic ink selection makes it easy for artists to create stunning and natural-looking brows with minimum fuss. With colour retention rates of 80-100%, these pigments are perfect for corrective work and enhancing existing brow tattoos. Not only do they offer exceptional durability against fading, but they are also incredibly easy to work with.

Choose your Brow Daddy PMU pigment and create cool tones or a rich dark brown shade to suit any client’s complexion and preferences. If you're not sure which colour is right for your next permanent makeup procedure, pick up the Gold Collection full set of ten shades today.

Ever After Pigments

Last but not least, the Ever After Pigments range stands out from the crowd. This company was the first to be inspired by traditional body art tattoo ink formulas and adapt them specifically for PMU applications.

These vegan-friendly, sterile pigments are water-based and alcohol-free. Furthermore, they boast outstanding, true-to-colour healed results, which lighten very slightly over time rather than completely changing colour.

Ever After pigments for PMU artists

The Ever After range boasts some of the best PMU pigments for lips, thanks to tones like Queen of Hearts and Princess Pink. Plus, all nipple or areola tattoos are covered with shades such as Bare Beauty and Briar Patch.

Another benefit of the Ever After range is the ability to customise your own hues with Essence Mixing Solution. This product can be used to dramatically reduce the opacity or change the viscosity of any pigment to get the perfect blend. Your clients will be able to enjoy superior results that are tailored to match their specific needs.


As you can see, there are some truly amazing PMU pigments available in 2023 – all of which have been specifically designed to create long-lasting and beautiful results. Whether it be a subtle lip tint or a total eyebrow transformation, these are some of the best pigments available on the market.

We’re confident that you can find something to suit your project among our top picks, so why not start exploring today? With the best PMU supplies you’ll be sure to provide stunning results that your clients will treasure.


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  • Sarah Crookes