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Create magic: Bishop Power Wand review


Tattooing is a complex art form that requires the right tools and equipment to achieve desired results. Traditional tattoo machines can often be heavy, loud, and difficult to use. They can also be unreliable and lack the features needed for precision work.

Enter the Bishop Power Wand—one of the smallest tattoo pen machines available for advanced wireless tattooing. This blog will review this product in detail so you can make an informed decision when upgrading your tattooing equipment.

What is the Bishop Power Wand?

The Bishop Power Wand is the result of a collaboration between renowned tattoo pen makers, Bishop Rotary and battery giants, Critical Tattoo. The machine combines the outstanding qualities of Bishop's original flagship pen machine with Critical Connect firmware, resulting in an enhanced wireless experience.

The Bishop Power Wand set features:

  • Power Wand
  • Critical Connect Universal Battery
  • Critical Connect Shorty Battery
  • Critical Connect Battery Dock
  • Power Wand RCA Adapter
  • 7ft RCA Cord
  • 6ft Charging Cord for Dock

Which machines are in the Bishop Power Wand family?

The Bishop Power Wand family is composed of three different machines: the Shader (3.5mm stroke), Packer (4.2mm stroke), and Liner (5.0mm stroke). All three machines are Critical-Connect-enabled and designed to provide optimal performance without compromising on comfort.

Bishop Power Wand set with Liner, Packer and Shader

What motor is in the Bishop Power Wand?

The Bishop Power Wand possesses all the technical mechanics of the existing Bishop Wand. It uses a brushless Faulhaber motor for quiet and powerful operation.

Pros and cons of the Bishop Power Wand

The Bishop Power Wand boasts a variety of features that make it an ideal tool for any tattoo artist. Here’s a quick overview of the advantages and disadvantages:

Ergonomic design

When used in conjunction with the Shorty battery, the machine measures only 4.4” (11 cm) and 5.2oz (147 grams) Currently, this makes the Power Wand the lightest set-up on the market!

Bishop X Critical batteries

The new patent-pending magnetic backplate also allows the batteries to sit flush onto the machine, giving the Power Wand a sleek and compact design. The magnetic attachment allows artists to quickly switch the Critical wireless battery, and also provides a versatile 360-degree range of screen positioning options.

Innovative technology

The Bishop Power Wand is powered by Critical Connect batteries, which deliver long-lasting power for uninterrupted usage. The Standard battery has a run time of up to 10 hours, while the Shorty provides up to 5 hours.

Plus, the Critical batteries connect effortlessly to the Critical Connect footswitch (sold separately), which gives artists the option to continuously or momentarily control their Power Wand.

Critical Connect footswitch


If you don't want to run a completely wireless set-up, the magnetic RCA adapter securely attaches to the top of the machine. Loose RCA connections will be a thing of the past!

Price point

The one downside to the Bishop Power Wand is that it is currently one of the most expensive tattoo pens on the market. While it certainly offers high-quality features and performance, some tattoo artists may find the price point too steep to justify.

However, if you are not ready to commit to the full set just yet, the Power Wand machine and Bishop X Critical batteries are all available to buy separately!

Final Thoughts on the Bishop Power Wand

The Bishop Power Wand is a great choice for any tattoo artist looking to upgrade their equipment. It offers superior wireless performance, ergonomic design, and innovative technology, making it an ideal tool for precision work.

While it is one of the more expensive tattoo pen machines on the market, its quality and performance are hard to beat. With the ability to buy separate components for a more affordable price, it's easy to see why many artists are making the switch to this new-generation machine.

Pick between the Bishop Power Wand Liner, Packer, and Shader today.


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  • Sarah Crookes