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Magnum Reviews: Our Brow Daddy Gold Collection


If you're passionate about permanent makeup, you know how important it is to find the right microblading ink. But here's the problem: not all inks are created equal. Some fail to deliver the quality and longevity needed to create beautiful, long-lasting results. This can lead to uneven colour, quick fading, and, worst of all, unhappy clients.

In this review, we'll take a close look at the Brow Daddy Gold Collection and see how it can transform your permanent makeup game.

About Brow Daddy Gold Collection

The Brow Daddy Gold Collection represents a perfect fusion of artistry and precision. Crafted in partnership with Ruben Kasper, a master trainer for permanent makeup celebrated for his Ombré Powder Brows technique, this collection is a testament to his expertise and commitment to excellence.

Each pigment in this collection bears the mark of perfection, designed to empower artists with the tools needed to create stunning, long-lasting results.


Brow Daddy Gold Collection


Available colours

One of the standout features of the Brow Daddy Gold Collection is its extensive range of colours. With ten distinct shades, including pre-modified, neutral, and cool-based options, this gold collection caters to the diverse needs and preferences of both artists and clients.

  • Bronzite: This rich, dark brown shade boasts a warm mass tone with a neutral yellow undertone. Ideal for clients falling within the Fitzpatrick Scale categories III and IV, it offers versatility and depth.
  • Honey Magic: A vibrant ginger shade with warmth in both mass tone and undertones, Honey Magic can serve as a standalone colour or modifier for clients in the Fitzpatrick Scale II, III, and IV.
  • Iced Caramel: For clients with lighter skin tones (Fitzpatrick Scale I, II, III), Iced Caramel is a light blonde shade with a neutral mass tone and slightly cool undertones, making it perfect for achieving natural-looking results.
  • Berry Blonde: Catering to those with medium to dark blonde hair (Fitzpatrick Scale III, IV), Berry Blonde offers warm mass and undertones, ensuring a harmonious match with various skin types.
  • Golden Goddess: Another option for medium to dark blonde shade (Fitzpatrick Scale I, II, III), Golden Goddess exudes warmth with its mass tone and a hint of slightly warm yellow undertones.
  • Schokolade: This dark brown shade is distinguished by its cool mass tone and slightly warm undertones, making it suitable for clients in the Fitzpatrick Scale IV, V, and VI ranges.
  • Dark Teddy: This medium brown shade is characterised by its yellow mass tone and undertones, making it suitable for clients within the Fitzpatrick Scale II and III.
  • Tokyo Black: For deeper shades and those on the Fitzpatrick Scale IV, V, and VI, Tokyo Black offers a cool mass tone with slightly warm orange undertones, creating bold and striking results.
  • Truffle Dream: Offering a more neutral approach, this medium ash brown with a neutral mass tone and subtle warm yellow undertones, catering to those in the Fitzpatrick Scale III and IV categories.
  • Brouge: If you're looking for a darker option with a twist, Brouge is a dark brown shade featuring a strong warm red mass tone and hints of more orange undertone. It complements clients in the Fitzpatrick Scale III, IV, and V categories.


Brow Daddy - Gold Collection - Singles (15ml)


Key features of the Brow Daddy Gold Collection

Versatile colour palette

The Brow Daddy Gold Collection offers a diverse range of ten meticulously crafted pigments. From warm to neutral shades, spanning from blonde to black, this collection provides a comprehensive palette to suit various skin tones and client preferences.

Professional-grade quality

Crafted in collaboration with renowned permanent makeup artist Ruben Kasper, aka Brow Daddy, these pigments are designed to meet the highest industry standards. Expect professional-level results that consistently impress both artists and clients.

Customizable microblading

Artists can effortlessly adjust the microblading pigment based on the client's unique skin undertones. This versatility ensures that every application is tailored to achieve a natural and personalised look.

Ethical and vegan

The Brow Daddy Gold Collection proudly carries the certification of being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Artists can confidently use these pigments, knowing that they align with ethical values and environmental responsibility.

True-to-colour healing

Clients will enjoy long-lasting results as these pigments heal true to colour. Say goodbye to undesirable colour shifts over time, ensuring your artistry remains vibrant and consistent.

Uncompromising safety

All pigments in this collection are gamma-produced to adhere to the industry's highest health and safety standards. Artists can work with confidence, knowing that their clients' well-being is a top priority.

Endless artistic possibilities

Whether you're creating permanent eyeliner, lip blush, scalp, or breast area enhancements, the Brow Daddy Gold Collection empowers you to explore and excel in various permanent makeup applications.

Quality packaging

The Brow Daddy Gold Collection is not just about the pigments; it's about the entire experience. The packaging reflects the commitment to quality and artistry, making it a delight for both artists and clients.

Industry standard setter

Perma Blend is renowned for setting the benchmark in cosmetic tattooing, and the Brow Daddy Gold Collection proudly upholds this legacy. When you choose this collection, you're aligning yourself with excellence in permanent makeup.


Brow Daddy - The Gold Collection - 10x15ml


Unlock your PMU potential with the Brow Daddy Gold Collection

In the world of permanent makeup, perfection is non-negotiable, and the choice of pigments can make or break your artistry. We've explored "The Brow Daddy Gold Collection" and it's clear that this collection is not just about pigments; it's about elevating your entire permanent makeup experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your artistry, make your mark, and unlock your ultimate permanent makeup potential with the Brow Daddy Gold Collection. It's time to create beauty that lasts a lifetime.

And if you want to discover more products that can transform your artistry. You can visit our website for in-depth reviews and insights on a wide range of beauty and makeup essentials.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz