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Magnum Reviews: Dynarex A & D Ointment


Anyone who’s ever had a tattoo knows that the aftercare phase is critical. Yet, it's a terrain filled with numerous products claiming to be 'the best' for tattoo aftercare. You’ve got sprays, creams, lotions, and salves galore, each with its own list of ingredients you can barely pronounce. Even worse, the wrong product can lead to prolonged healing, dull colours, or—God forbid—an infection that tarnishes your brand-new tattoo.

So, in this review, we're diving into the details of one popular contender in the tattoo aftercare realm - Dynarex A & D Ointment. Does it truly stand up to its claims? Can it ease the tattoo healing journey and keep the colours vibrant? Let's see if it’s the protection your new tattoo deserves.

Product overview

Dynarex A & D Ointment is a multipurpose skin protectant primarily composed of vitamins A and D. While it's traditionally used for minor burns, chapped skin, or diaper rash, tattoo enthusiasts and artists have adopted it as a trusted component in the tattoo healing process.

This ointment forms a nurturing shield that promotes healing while retaining the vibrancy of your tattoo. Infused with Lanolin and Lavender Oil, it offers a dual approach, not only safeguarding the ink but also delivering a calming touch to irritated skin.

Dynarex A&D Ointment 15oz Tub

Composition and ingredients

The ointment combines some of the most tried and tested ingredients in skincare:

  • Vitamins A & D: Essential for skin health, these two active ingredients promote cell growth, combat oxidative damage, and help in skin regeneration.
  • Lanolin: A natural moisturiser known to seal in moisture and aid in skin's hydration. (Please note, the sachets use a non-lanolin formula) 
  • Lavender oil: Beyond its calming scent, it’s renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.
  • Light liquid paraffin: Helps in making the ointment smooth, ensuring easy application.

Key benefits

Moisturising relief

This isn't just a temporary fix. The ointment dives deep into the layers of your skin, ensuring prolonged hydration. Over time, users have reported not just temporary relief but a lasting softness and glow to their skin.

Soothing solution

It's more than just a soothing sensation. The ointment works to address the root causes of irritation. Whether it’s from environmental factors or minor skin injuries, this formula ensures rapid relief and healing.

Post-tattoo care

Post-tattoo skin is particularly vulnerable. The ointment offers a specialised care regime for this phase, ensuring that the newly inked skin remains hydrated and free from potential infections and risk, enhancing the longevity and vibrancy of your tattoo.

A&D Ointment 1oz

Diaper rash treatment

Diaper rashes can be incredibly uncomfortable for babies. This ointment, with its gentle formulation, ensures quick relief, addressing inflammation and discomfort and leaving babies happier and more comfortable.


The protective barrier it forms on the skin is robust, sealing out potential irritants and contaminants and ensuring that minor wounds heal cleanly and quickly.

Relief from dry itching

Chronic dryness can be challenging to manage. This ointment’s specialised formula offers a reprieve from persistent itching, leaving behind nourished skin that’s less prone to dryness in the future.

Unique features

Special formula

This isn't just a mix but a careful blend. Every ingredient, from the Lavender Oil to vitamins A & D, is selected not just for its individual benefits but for how they synergise to offer comprehensive skin care.

Multiple uses

It’s akin to a Swiss Army knife in ointment form, adeptly handling many skin issues, making it a beneficial addition to any medicine cabinet.

Gentle ingredients

Beyond just being calming, the ingredients are chosen for their compatibility with various skin types, ensuring that even those with sensitive skin can use it without worries.

Handy packaging

Practicality meets design. Each 5g sachet is not only easy to use but is also optimised to retain the ointment's efficacy. The perfect size to have on-hand in your studio!Fearless Vitamins A&D Ointment

The ultimate skin solution

In wrapping up, Dynarex A & D Ointment emerges as a versatile skin ally, addressing a variety of skin concerns from everyday hydration to specialised aftercare. Simple yet effective, it's a staple that effortlessly combines tradition with modern skincare needs. For those navigating the vast skincare landscape, this ointment simplifies the journey, offering a reliable solution in one compact package.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz