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Magnum reviews: Empire Inks Greywash Set


Every tattoo artist knows the importance of using high-quality inks. The ink should be vibrant, durable, and safe on the skin. However, finding such a product can be challenging, particularly when it comes to greywash inks, which play a crucial role in creating depth and shading in tattoo designs.

Nobody wants to see their carefully crafted art turn into a vague, blurry mess over time. Find out if Empire Inks could be the answer you've been waiting for in our latest review below.

Empire Inks, the best grey wash tattoo ink set for professional artists

About Empire Inks

Empire Inks was founded by Colt Brown in 2012, in an attempt to provide tattoo artists with a reliable greywash system. Now, Empire Inks' mission is to combine their tattooing knowledge with the best chemists around to continue crafting safe and consistent ink.

Empire Inks Greywash Set

The Empire Inks Greywash Set comes pre-mixed in four different grey shades: Xtra Light, Light, Medium, & Dark. These tones are perfect for creating a variety of effects, from subtle shading and stark contrast to images of photographic quality.

Consistent results

The beauty of Empire Inks' Greywash series is that the inks are carefully balanced and pre-mixed to provide consistent results every time. This means you don't have to waste precious time and money on trial and error with mixing your own inks, allowing you to focus solely on the artistry of tattooing.

With each batch of Empire Inks, tattoo artists have come to expect the same quality and performance time after time, making their work not only easier but also more reliable.

Versatile sizing options

Empire Inks offers a super versatile choice of sizes to cater to every tattoo artist's specific requirements. You can choose from smaller 1oz bottles, midsized 2oz ones, or larger 4oz options. This flexibility allows you to manage your inventory based on usage or preferences.

Empire Inks grey wash tattoo ink set in 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz


For those who wish to have all shades at their disposal, the full set is available for purchase. Alternatively, if you find yourself favouring a particular shade, it can be purchased as an individual bottle.

This versatility in sizes makes Empire Inks stand out as a thoughtful supplier attuned to the diverse needs of tattoo artists.

Easy healing

Many artists find that greywash work completed with Empire Inks heals beautifully. The rich, bluish greys of the inks create a sharp contrast against warm skin tones, making for a stunning effect.

Empire Inks make it easy to find the perfect colour match

Empire Inks has produced a valuable tool with their digital value scale, available for download directly from their website. This essential guide eliminates the guesswork of determining which shade of greywash you need.

Empire Inks Dark Graywash Series 4oz


It provides a visual reference of Empire Inks' greywash tones, enabling artists to accurately identify and select the most suitable shade to achieve their desired effects.

This perfect system by Empire Inks underscores their commitment to supporting professional tattoo artists worldwide in their pursuit of perfect, precise artistry.

An overall great set for black and grey tattoo artists

Empire Inks' greywash set is an impressive collection of inks designed to provide tattoo artists worldwide with undeniable consistency and stunning results.

From their value scale to providing versatile sizing options, Empire Inks has thoughtfully considered the diverse needs of professional tattooists.

If you're looking for a high-quality, pre-mixed greywash set to fill your ink caps, Empire Inks is an excellent choice. For more reviews on the latest products in the tattoo industry, keep checking back for our next edition!


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  • Sarah Crookes