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Must-have supplies in every tattoo starter kit for new artists


For beginners, it’s crucial to find a tattoo starter kit that includes high-quality, easy-to-use tattoo supplies that ensure safety and help develop tattooing skills. From choosing the right tattoo machine to understanding the importance of sterilisation, new artists often struggle to identify what they truly need.

So, we have identified the must-have supplies for every tattoo starter kit, helping you kick off your tattooing journey with confidence.

1. Tattoo machines


Magnum Tattoo Supplies Tattoo machines


A tattoo starter kit should include both a coil and a rotary tattoo machine. Coil machines, known for their precision and control, use electromagnetic circuits to move the needle and are excellent for detailed line work. They offer a traditional feel and are often recommended for beginners to learn fundamental techniques.

On the other hand, rotary tattoo machines operate with a rotating motor that moves the needle and are typically quieter and gentler on the skin. These machines are great for shading and filling in large colour areas, making them a versatile addition to any tattoo kit.

2. Power supply and pedals


Magnum Tattoo Supplies Power Supplies


The power supply is a critical component as it regulates the machine's voltage, controlling the speed and depth of the needle. A stable and adjustable power supply ensures that the tattoo machine operates consistently, which is crucial for creating high-quality tattoos.

Additionally, a foot pedal is included in the kit to allow artists to turn the tattoo machine on and off hands-free, enhancing both operational efficiency and maintaining hygiene.

3. Tattoo needles and tubes

Needles are indispensable in tattooing. They come in various sizes and groupings for different techniques, like lining or shading. A good starter kit includes an assortment of needles to enable beginners to experiment with different styles and techniques. Paired with the needles are disposable tubes, which help maintain a firm grip on the needle and ensure safety by minimising cross-contamination risks.

4. Inks and cups


Magnum Tattoo Supplies Tattoo Inks


Tattoo ink is the medium that brings tattoos to life, and a starter kit should contain a basic set of tattoo inks, covering essential colours like black, white, and primary colours. These inks should be from a reputable brand to ensure they are safe and long-lasting on the skin. Ink cups are small containers that hold the ink during the tattoo process, keeping the work area organized and clean.

5. Sterilisation and safety equipment

For those not exclusively using disposable equipment, an autoclave sterilizer is necessary to sterilize tools, ensuring all reusable components meet the highest hygiene standards.

Additionally, protective gear such as gloves, aprons, and barrier films must be included in the kit to safeguard both the tattoo artist and the client from potential infections and cross-contamination.

6. Practice materials

Finally, no tattoo starter kit is complete without practice materials. Practice skin, made from synthetic materials that simulate human skin, allows artists to hone their skills without the consequences of practising on real skin. Transfer paper is also crucial as it helps even professional tattoo artist accurately transfer their designs onto the skin, ensuring precision before the tattooing begins.

Final thoughts

Having the right tools in your tattoo starter kit is not just about being prepared; it's about setting yourself up for success in the tattooing industry. A complete tattoo kit equipped with high-quality machines, a variety of tattoo needles, reliable power supplies, safe inks, and comprehensive sanitation products will empower new artists to develop their skills confidently and safely. Each item in your tattoo kits serves a critical role in your journey from novice to professional, ensuring that you can practice, learn, and create with excellence.

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  • Mark Joshua Luz