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6 Fun Tattoo Designs for Your Bank Holiday Weekend


If you're looking for some fun tattoo designs to help you celebrate the Bank Holiday weekend in style, look no further! In this blog post, we showcase a variety of tattoos that will be perfect for any fun-filled activities you might have planned over the long weekend. Whether you're going to the zoo, the cinema, or out for a meal, we've got you covered. So take a look at these fun tattoo designs and get inspired!

Burger tattoo

Burger tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Danny Taylor (@dannytaylortattoo)

First up, we have this fantastic double bacon and cheese burger tattoo by Danny Taylor. Maybe you already have a reservation made, got a barbeque organised, or are just planning on grabbing a bit of fast food, tattoos like this are always bound to make you smile. They also make for great conversation starters!

Hoover tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Matt Edwards (@mattedwardstattooer)

This next tattoo depicts an activity that is potentially not as exciting as some of the others in this list... spring cleaning! If the weather decides to take a turn for the worse, you can always grab your hoover and give it a run round your house. This fun tattoo obviously also makes a great tribute to a Grandma, who must have loved having a clean house.

Jurassic Park tattoo

Jurassic Park tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Matt Youl (@theyoul)

A bank holiday weekend usually makes for a great excuse to stay up late watching some of your favourite films. Whether you stick to the classics like Jurassic Park, as depicted in this great dinosaur tattoo above, or go to the cinema to watch something new, treat yourself to some popcorn and get watching.

Van Gogh sunflower tattoo

Van Gogh sunflower tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Lily J Green (@lilyjtattoo)

If you are planning a big day out, why not visit a local art gallery to see some great artwork? This fun tattoo by Lily J celebrates the work of one of the most famous painters of all time—Vincent van Gogh. Whether you enjoy visiting art galleries or creating your own unique pieces, tattoos like this are a beautiful way to show your passion for the arts.

Parrot tattoo

Parrot tattoo by Sponsored Artist, Scott Campbell (@scottycamstattoo)

There's nothing quite like a day out at the zoo, is there? You can learn about all sorts of different animals and get up close to them, just like we have done with this beautiful parrot tattoo. Bright and colourful, this fun tattoo design would make for a great addition to any animal lover's collection.

Aquatic tattoo sleeve

Aquatic tattoo sleeve by Sponsored Artist, Ben Carlisle (@ben_carlisle_tattooist)

Keeping with the animal theme, if you have not already got the zoo booked, there is plenty of sea life to be seen at the aquarium. This aquatic tattoo sleeve is fantastic in capturing a number of sea creatures in all their beauty. We love the colours and the intricate details used in this sea life tattoo.

And that is it for our fun tattoo designs! We hope you have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend and enjoy whatever you get up to, whether it's one of the activities mentioned in this list or something else.

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  • Sarah Crookes