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The secret to keeping your tattoo shop open


Tattoo shops are creative spaces that capture the essence of self-expression. But, unfortunately, not all tattoo businesses make it. So why do some tattoo artists fail while others succeed?

This blog will uncover the most prevalent reasons behind tattoo shop failures so aspiring artists and entrepreneurs can learn from these mistakes and keep their studios open for years to come. With this knowledge in hand, you'll be well on your way to achieving long-term success with your very own tattoo business!

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Tattoo shop open sign


Reasons why tattoo studios fail

Inadequate planning and research

Before opening a tattoo shop, conducting thorough research into the local market and competition is essential. This will allow you to understand the potential success of your venture before investing any time or money.

Many tattoo artists underestimate the complexities involved in running a successful business. An incomplete business plan can lead to unforeseen challenges and ultimately, failure.

Location and visibility

Location is everything when it comes to tattoo shops. Choosing the wrong business location can lead to a lack of visibility, resulting in fewer customers and decreased profits.

Make sure your shop is located in an area where potential clients can easily find you. Areas with low foot traffic can make it more challenging to attract new clients. Additionally, ensure that your store stands out with eye-catching signage and other visual elements such as artwork or murals.


Tattoo artist opening up a tattoo studio for the day


Poor marketing and branding

Another common mistake is failing to market the shop effectively. Branding your new tattoo business is crucial in setting up a successful and profitable tattoo studio. Without proper branding, customers may not recognise your shop among competitors.

Develop strong marketing strategies to differentiate yourself from other established tattoo studios in the area. Failure to create a strong brand identity, establish an online presence, and engage with the target audience through various marketing channels can severely limit a tattoo shop's growth potential.

Plus, not attending tattoo conventions with your tattoo shop is a missed opportunity to attract new customers within your local area.

Inconsistent quality and lack of skill

The quality of a tattoo is key to any successful tattoo shop. Poorly executed custom tattoos can lead to unhappy customers, negative reviews and bad word-of-mouth promotion. To ensure consistent quality, hire talented artists with appropriate certifications and maintain a strict standard for the artwork produced in your shop.


Professional tattoo artist close-up


Inadequate hygiene and safety practices

Thorough hygiene and safety measures are essential for any successful tattoo shop. A professional tattoo artist must know how to maintain a clean and sterile work environment to prevent infections and other complications.

Failing to adhere to these standards can result in health problems for customers as well as unwanted legal issues.

Shop PPE.

Poor customer service

Customer satisfaction is the backbone of any successful business, and tattoo shops are no exception. Customers should feel welcomed and valued from the moment they walk through the door. If clients message about their tattoo idea or ask questions online, make sure to respond promptly.

Poor customer service, lack of professionalism, or failure to address client concerns can result in negative reviews, a lack of customer loyalty, and ultimately a decrease in repeat business.

Avoid these pitfalls to achieve tattoo business success

Running a successful tattoo shop requires thoughtful planning and research, as well as an understanding of the unique challenges involved. It is important to consider factors such as location, marketing strategies, hygiene practices and customer service when running your business in order to maximise its potential for success.

By avoiding these common reasons for tattoo shop closure, you can ensure that your business continues to thrive in the ever-changing tattoo industry.



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