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Easter Tattoos That Are Just Egg-cellent

Spring is just around the corner, and one of the nicer things to look forward to at the beginning of this beautiful season is Easter.  Easter Sunday is celebrated as a religious holiday in Christianity to mark the day that Jesus rose from the dead after his death on the cross on Good Friday.  People celebrate Easter in many ways such as going to Church, eating hot cross buns, having a roast dinner with the family and even by getting Easter Tattoos!  Arguably one of the best parts of Easter is giving and receiving Easter Eggs, especially after giving up something like chocolate for lent. 

Easter Eggs themselves are very symbolic, and although the meaning often seems lost in today's world with supermarkets stacking their shelves full of chocolatey goodness, the tradition behind Easter eggs is still very sacred to many.  Eggs symbolise new life being born, and so the Easter Egg is symbolic of the resurrection of Christ.  Originally, eating eggs was not permitted by church leaders in the week leading up to Easter (known as Holy week). Any eggs that were laid that week were saved and decorated and given to children as gifts. During the Victorian era, the same tradition was adopted, with people exchanging satin-covered cardboard eggs filled with Easter gifts. The tradition nowadays is chocolate eggs, with people exchanging these over Easter weekend. 

Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox, which means that the date changes each year.  It's a Bank Holiday in the UK, meaning that Good Friday and Monday is also classed as the Easter holidays, with banks and numerous shops remaining closed for this period.  As well as being a religious celebration, Easter is also symbolic of spring, and new beginnings.  This is why cute little lambs, chicks, and bunnies feature as a common theme in celebrations over the Easter period, as they are symbolic of fertility and new life.  Historians have noted that the idea of Easter was prevalent in esoteric religions that celebrate the goddess, Eostre, who is the Germanic Goddess of Dawn, a spring time deity. 

For many, Easter time carries fond memories, and so for those wanting to hold on to their memories, or make some more, Easter tattoos are a must.  Getting a seasonal tattoo can be tricky if you want something that works all year round, but lucky for Easter fans, this holiday is pretty versatile when it comes to picking cool subject matter for Easter tattoos. Whether it's in the form of chocolate, a chicken, or a bunny, Easter tattoos look great no matter what style you get them in.  Easter tattoos work very well in the form of traditional tattoos or neo-traditional, especially for things such as chickens and other such animals, but you're not just limited to this style.  As well as Easter-themed animals, you can always add extra decorative elements to the tattoo such as leaves and flowers like daffodils, which are the perfect for Spring. 

Easter tattoos often boast a beautiful colour palette featuring pastel tattoo inks, and with a great range of pastel colours such as 'Sprinkle Pink', 'Matcha Green', and 'Vanilla Yellow' which feature in Radiant Colour's range of pastels, you'll be spoilt for choice when looking through our range of top tattoo supplies.  If you're looking for some Easter tattoo inspiration, or if you're just a huge fan of Easter and love the idea of Easter body art, then make sure you check out these egg-cellent Easter-themed tattoos.


Done by Dadatattoo

Done by Stacie Mayer

Done by Nano Lucarelli

Done by Dylan Gregory


Done by Lefty Drewski

Done by Chowdah Bowl

Done by Jessica Penfold

We hope these amazing Easter tattoos have put a smile on your face.  No matter how you’ll be spending this Easter, we’re sure you’ll appreciate these ‘egg-celent' tattoos!  If you’re looking to create some tattoos with beautiful pastel hues perfect for Spring, then don’t forget to check out the full range of pastel coloured inks available on our website.  We stock a huge collection of top tattoo supplies, from Tattoo Needles and Cartridges, Inks, Tattoo Machines, and much more. 




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