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10 Great Movie Tattoos


Looking to get a new movie inspired tattoo?
There have been so many great tattoos in films and today we will be breaking down 10 of the best!

Aquaman in Justice League

Aquaman's tattoos represent a lot more to Hawaiian Jason Momoa than just looks. His actual forearm tattoo, which can be seen here, is a shark-toothed version of his family crest. The design was clearly inspired by the film's concept and was incorporated into the character. Aquaman's Polynesian tattoos all have something to do with the sea.

aquaman tattoo

Luke Glanton in The Place Beyond the Pines

More than most other movie tattoos, Ryan Gosling has some of the most stylized traditional tattoos. Another bank robber has made the list of best movie tattoos, which leads me to question if cool tattoos are a requirement for a robbery.

luke glanton tattoo


Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The title was changed after it was translated into English, and the main character's tattoo became a key element. The now-iconic medieval-style dragon tattoo on her shoulder blade, which has never been explained, could be a symbol of protection, as in Japanese history.

girl with dragon tattoo

Stu in The Hangover Trilogy

In the Hangover films, Ed Helms portrays Stu, a shy dentist. When he gets drunk in Las Vegas, this dentist has a wild side, which results to one of the funniest movie tattoos. Stu's face tattoo is a rip-off of Mike Tyson's.

stu hangover tattoo


The Joker in Suicide Squad

We've never seen the Joker like this before in the movies, and most fans weren't happy about it as everything about him has been modernised and reshaped, and that is reflected in the tattoos.
the joker tattoo

Blade in Blade

Blade is famous for its violence and Wesley Snipes' great performance as the vampire hunter. It was one of Marvel's first superhero films. After filming, director Stephen Norrington received a lot of criticism for his directing style, however he did offer something quite cool. Blade's tattoos were created by Norrington himself, who also designed and drew them.

blade tattoo


Fox in Wanted

Unlike past films in which Jolie's tattoos had to be hidden, this one allowed her to show them off openly and even add more. Her character Fox flaunts an assortment of back tattoos, including a real Bengal tiger design, in an iconic scene at the public baths.

This was done in Bangkok using the traditional stick and poke procedure to honour Jolie's Cambodian citizenship, and it perfectly fits her persona. She also got a temporary floral tattoo on her hand to match the design on her rifle, suggesting that fighting comes naturally to her. 

angelina jolie fox wanted tattoo

Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Depp's portrayal of Jack Sparrow as a clumsy, charming rogue has earned him one of the most famous movie characters of all time, with one of the most recognisable tattoos in recent memory. On his forearm, he has a traditional nautical design with a basic but real swallow and sun tattoo.

The swallow symbolizes a sailor who has travelled over 5,000 miles on water and is a wonderful fit for Sparrow's character, reflecting his life at sea. Later, Depp had an actual version tattooed in the same location!

jack sparrow tattoo

Maui in Moana

Maui is Disney's first highly tattooed character, and rather than being a villain, he is portrayed as a wronged victim turned hero. His traditional Polynesian tattoos commemorate his achievements while also alluding to Maori tales and tales. To ensure cultural accuracy, the intricate drawings were produced with Samoan tattoo artist Su'a Peter Sulu'ape.

maui moana tattoo

Mickey O’Neil in Snatch

Brad Pitt's character in Snatch has numerous cool tattoos, the most notable of which is a woman's face that runs across his chest and upper belly. This street boxer has some great tattoos on his body. They're images of poverty, but they're also cool, which is exactly what filmmaker Guy Ritchie was going for.

brad pitt snatch tattoo

Which one is your favourite? Are there any you think we missed out? Let us know in the comments below!

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