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Outstanding Black and Grey Tattoos from Liz Minelli


Liz Minelli is one of Magnum Tattoo Supplies' sponsored artists, and she has some incredible black and grey tattoos - perfect for this spooky holiday season!

We love this "Elsa Lanchester as the Bride of Frankenstein" tattoo from Liz!


Amazing Grim Reaper art!




A beautiful (but probably painful!) butterfly skull tattoo!


We love this skull tattoo, definitely fitting for this spooky season! 


Incredible bat tattoo, so much great detail!


To see more of Liz's work, check out her Instagram!

Want to see more of our sponsored artist's fantastic work? Follow our Instagram page.



We have some great black and white ink on our website, including the Victor Portugal Darkest Ink Set

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  • Caitlin Moore