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Painted Lady Tattoo, Birmingham

0121 608 6086

Matt is situated in Birmingham and tattoos from Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour. He specialises in neo-traditional tattoos, and has a knack for creating some amazing neo-trad style portraits. From Ken Jeong to Bob Ross, Matt captures the likeness perfectly in all of the portraits he does.

Legacy Ink, Haverhill

01440 708549

Josh has been tattooing for 10 years now. He started out with his friend and colleague Mike Stockings, and has learned from the ground up with lots of trial and error, and great times. Josh was then offered an apprenticeship with a walk in shop which taught him what not to do! But here he also learned a lot about applying himself, and work ethic. He's always been drawn to black and grey, and it's something he really enjoys doing. Josh loves textures and line work, with a bit of soft shading to add depth.

The Drawing Room, Coventry

Hanah specialises in colourful neo-traditional tattoos. She's a huge fan of tattooing pet portraits, and also does some spectacular pop culture tattoos, ranging from The Simpsons to Harry Potter. She currently works from The Drawing Room in Coventry.

Alone in the Dark Ink, Didcot

01235 816559

In 2007 Ladislav moved from Slovakia to the UK. The following year he decided he wanted to pursue a career in tattooing, so began learning his craft whilst working 2 different jobs. After around 3 years of mastering the art, he opened his shop Alone in the Dark Ink, and he still works there now. Ladislav enjoys working at tattoo conventions, and has 46 awards to his name (all first place!). He’s also been published in various tattoo magazines, and has won 2 British Business Awards. He loves working on large-scale concept pieces, and feels fortunate that his customers put their trust in him, which in turn allows him to grow as an artist.

Church St Tattoo, Runcorn

01928 574808

Tony is a blackwork artist and is based at Church Street Tattoos, Runcorn. He's recently started creating neon mandala tattoos that are a huge hit with his customers. Tony occasionally works at various conventions around the UK, so check out his Instagram page for updates.

Ragnarok Tattoo, Kingsbridge

Originally from Cardiff, Paul moved to Devon to study fine art at Uni, but quickly fell into tattoo art.  In 2009 he started doing hand poked tattooing in a variety of styles, then began focusing on geometric designs, merging them with other styles he'd enjoyed in his earlier career.  4 years ago, craving a more relaxed lifestyle Paul moved to Kingsbridge, Devon, where he worked with Dris Donnelly.  In November 2017 he took over the studio and changed the name to Ragnarok due to his love of Norse mythology.  Paul has now refined his technique working with just black ink and a limited needle selection.  He was diagnosed with Autism a few years ago which he thinks is a help rather than a hindrance in tattooing, allowing deep focus for long periods of time, also possibly explaining his love of patterns and structure. 

Alchemy Tattoo Art, Accrington

01235 816559

Working from Alchemy Tattoo in Accrington, Amy specialises in black and grey tattoos. She hasn't been tattooing for long, but her work is really beautiful, and she's had another of our sponsored artists, Scott Wyness showing her the ropes.

Devil in the Detail, Stoke-on-Trent

07463 799 834

Ben is based at Devil in the Detail, Stoke-on-Trent. He specialises in hyper-realism tattoos, and he absolutely loves creating Disney themed tattoos. Ben has already worked at Tattoo Tea Party, Manchester so far this year, and will work at Liverpool Tattoo Convention too. He plans on working even more conventions in the near future. Be sure to check out his awesome work.

Ink Envy, Birmingham

0121 559 1184

Martin loves tattoing, and feels it's more of a pas-sion than a job. He started tattooing just over 4 years ago, as art has always been a big part of his life. Since opening Ink Envy the studio has got really big, with clients travelling from all over. Martin specialises in black and grey, photo realism and portrait work. He loves to do custom designs from scratch, so if you have an idea you'd like Martin then get in touch, as his diary fills up fast.

The Church Tattoo Studio, Redditch

01527 759852

Stephanie knew she wanted a job that allowed creativity to express her passion for art. She's previously completed a Foundation Degree in Illustration, and went on to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship in 2016. She enjoys doing neo trad tattoos, and believes it's refreshing to explore colour, not being so restricted to a photo reference like you would with realism. She aims to keep moving forward and achieving the best of her ability. In the tattoo industry, you never stop learning.

Ink Envy, Birmingham

0121 559 1184

Born with a pencil in his hand, Gavin has been drawing portraits and landscapes from a young age, and first got into tattooing around 2 years ago. He's been tattooing full time for just over a year now, and works at Ink Envy in Birmingham. Gavin has a total passion for doing detailed black and grey realism, and considers himself very new to tattooing, so he's very driven to become even better at what he loves. This year, he'll be working at Staffordshire tattoo convention, and he'd absolutely love to do a lot more conventions in the future.

Forgiven Tattoo, Sheffield

0114 270 9888

Niall secured his apprenticeship at just 16 after going with his mum to get tattooed. Originally learning joinery in college, after he was offered his apprenticeship he never looked back. Niall has established himself as a talented dotwork tattooer, but his favourite style of tattooing is neo trad, and he aims to master his colour work and progress by doing more neo trad tattoos. He was involved with the Ink for Heroes tattoo convention, and hopes to do more tattoo conventions in the future.

Embellished Ink

01202 515301

Since Troy started tattooing in 2010, he's always loved black and grey tattoos and loves the way they look when fresh and healed, and with so many amazing tattoo artists to look up to it was easy for him to fall in love with this style. Troy is always trying new techniques and adjusting his styles to try and better himself as an artist. He loves working conventions, meeting new artists and pushing himself in the competitions. Troy believes it truly is a great industry to be a part of!

Mint Gun Club Tattoo Parlour, Dunfermline

01383 279510

Mikkel Østberg owns and works at Mint Gun Club Tattoo Parlour, Dunfermline. Mikkel is a well-rounded tattooer with flair for traditional and Japanese style tattoos, as this is where his passion lies. He’s also had lots of his work featured in Skin Deep and Skin Shots magazines. Mikkel plans on working lots of conventions in 2017, and will also be doing a guest spot in the USA.

Lord Nelson Tattoos, Chester

01244 341568

Peter 'Lord' Nelson has been tattooing since early 2006, where he studied his craft under the well known artists at Saz's Tattoo Studio in Warrington. He went on to open his own successful shop, Lord Nelson Tattoos in Chester. Pete's passion lies within realism but he does very much enjoy all aspects and mediums of this art form.

Painted Lady Tattoo, Birmingham

0121 608 6086

Charlotte started tattooing just over a year ago, doing her apprenticeship in Birmingham. She recently moved to Penkridge Tattoo Studio where she's finding and adapting her own style in artwork and tattooing. She loves doing animal themed tattoos, and wants to progress in dotwork and neo trad work. Charlotte wants to push herself further by doing her first guest spots and tattoo conventions. The main inspirations for Charlotte include Charlotte Timmons, Daryl Watson, Aimee Bray and Brando Chiesa.

Alchemy Tattoo Art, Accrington

Eddy is relatively new to tattooing with only two years of tattooing experience under his belt, but his work speaks for itself! He specialises in black and grey realism, and has recently moved from Lord Nelson Tattoo Studio in Chester, to Black Stone Tattoo Studio in Todmorden.

Black Sails Tattoo, Brighton

01273 679687

2017 is Georgiie's 6th year tattooing. Georgiie started out in a small shop in Portslade for her apprenticeship where she learned the basics of tattooing, and since then she's taught herself a lot. Georgiie moved to Buzz Tattoo in Lancing where she has been for over 2 years, and is starting to do UK guest spots. She prefers full colour work, taking inspiration from the likes of Ashley Luka, Sarah K and Jody Dawber. Georgiie plans to start doing tattoo conventions and do guest spots in different countries.

Dagren Tattoo, Dunfermline & LD Studios, Newcastle

07510911716 (Dunfermline)

0191 263 9326 (Newcastle)

Originally from Yorkshire, Adam now works at Mint Gun Tattoo Club in Dunfermline, Scotland. He's only been tattooing for 4 years, and has already come a long way in his career in the tattoo industry. Adam’s main style of tattooing is Neo Traditional with lots of bold colour. He enjoys working at tattoo conventions across Europe, and has many lined up for 2017! Adam is constantly growing as an artist, and he hopes to become even better at what he does.

Lord Nelson Tattoos, Chester

01244 341568

Mike is a custom classic tattooer based in the heart of Chester, alongside the talent of Lord Nelson Tattoos. Serving apprenticeships in Liverpool since he was 17, he's cultivated his own custom take on classic traditional tattooing, offering bold clean work. Mike has a catalogue of custom flash and designs fuelled by the innovation and bold imagery of the punk rock scenes of late 70's London, DC and New York, to the turn of the century Godfathers of electric tattooing and their acres of flash adorned shops. Always bold always out of step.

Gentleman George's Tattoo Parlour, Liverpool

0151 236 8255

Tattooing since 2002, Col has tattooed all over the globe in multiple countries. He has won numerous awards from conventions such as; The Great British Tattoo Show, Manchester International Tattoo Show, and the Warsaw Tattoo Convention. Col specialises in Japanese artwork but does work within many other tattoo styles!

Tatt House, Belfast

028 9060 0697

Alan's preferred style is black and grey realism. He's won 7 awards in his first 6 conventions, including 2 Best of Day awards. His favourite artists are Dmitriy Samohin, Steve Butcher, Angelique Grimm, Karol Rybakowski, and there's so many more who are killing it, and inspiring Alan to push himself even more!

Church St Tattoo, Runcorn

01928 574808

Mark has drawn and painted from a young age, first picking up a tattoo machine around 7 years ago. He never realised he could make a living from doing something that he truly loved, but now as a well established artist, he believes that everything lead up to his career in tattooing. Mark does many styles, but prefers doing realistic portraits, and neo trad tattoos. He plans on working more tattoo conventions and wants to progress his work even more.

Fleckys Tattoo Studio, Golbourne

01942 726966

Karl began tattooing in 2004, completing his apprenticeship at Voodoo Tattoo in Cheshire. He opened up his own tattoo studio, and has gone from strength to strength ever since. He's won countless awards at different tattoo conventions, including Best Polynesian Tribal, Best Black and Grey, Best Tribal and Celtic, Best Large Colour, and many more! Karl covers many different styles of tattooing, but his preferred style is Japanese. He aims to make his shop even more successful, and hopes to attend more conventions in the future.