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Top Tips for Giving a Tattoo as a Gift


Tattooing continues to grow in popularity, with many people choosing to spend their hard-earned money on new tattoos. However, it can be an extremely personal decision and it is important to think carefully about the design and position of the tattoo on the body.

As a result, when giving a tattoo as a gift, it is best to stick to only those you love dearly or consider close. You will need to know the recipient well enough in order to decide whether this would be an appropriate present or not.

Below are tips that can help you when considering giving a tattoo as a gift:

Gift box and tag

Tip #1: Before you offer to pay for a new tattoo, check with them first

If you do choose to buy your loved one a tattoo, it is wise to check with them first. Some people may have made it blatantly clear to you that they are looking to get a new tattoo, while others may have been thinking about it without committing 100% to the idea. Contributing money or buying a tattoo gift voucher may put pressure on the recipient to follow through with getting a tattoo before they are completely ready. However, if you've spoken about it and the other person is certain, many individuals would appreciate your help paying for a fresh tattoo.

If they are not completely sure, rather than giving money specifically for a tattoo or buying a tattoo gift voucher, it is best to let them decide what they spend the money on—whether this ends up going towards a tattoo or not.

Tip #2: Do your research

Another important part of gifting someone a tattoo is doing your research to find a suitable artist in their local area. Maybe they already have several tattoos and a favourite tattoo artist. However, if this is not the case, you will need to know the style of tattoo they are after and match this with a quality artist based nearby. Finding an established studio that will meet all your loved one's needs means they will be able to get a customised tattoo that they will cherish forever. Although, it should be noted that while some people may be happy with you researching artists on their behalf, others may rather choose for themselves.

Tip #3: Think about giving a voucher with a personal message

Seen as though you can't wrap and stick a gift tag on the present you're giving, it's worth printing a voucher or writing a personalised message to explain. This will show them the thought you put into giving them the gift. Plus, other nice gestures could include taking care of other responsibilities so they have time to go to the studio. Or, buying sweet treats and snacks so they are prepared for the day. Acts like these make wonderful additions to the gift.

Tip #4: Take care of your loved one's aftercare

When giving someone a tattoo as a gift, you could also consider providing them with some aftercare products. After they have had their new ink done, it is important that the area is looked after properly to ensure it is able to fully heal and look at its best. Those who have had tattoos before might already have a product they know works best for them. However, for first-timers or people you want to surprise, it may be worth gifting aftercare in the form of a new product or scent.

Tattoo aftercare from Magnum Tattoo Supplies

You can check out our complete collection of tattoo aftercare products at Magnum Tattoo Supplies. Plus, if you are not too sure what products to buy, you can take a look at our other blog post: Top Tattoo Aftercare to Stock in Your Studio, which outlines some of the different tattoo aftercare products we stock.

We hope this has provided you with a brief overview of how to give a tattoo as a gift. Now, go talk to your loved one and get them that special present they will cherish forever.

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  • Sarah Crookes