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Looking after a new tattoo or piercing is exceptionally important as it can stop infection, preserve colour and ensure that longevity of the body modification or artwork is achieved. We offer a large range of piercing and tattoo aftercare products designed to ensure that your new body art is well looked after from the start, and that the guesswork is taken out of keeping the area sterile and aiding the healing process.

We sell a wide range of tattoo and piercing lotions, balms and creams that ensures optimum results and a high level of aftercare from the start. It is vital that your new art work or piercing receives quality care from the beginning and proper aftercare is crucial to the successful healing of your new addition.

Tattoo artists need to be able to offer clients aftercare products on site and we stock a great selection of the Tattoo Goo products designed to aid in the speedy and safe healing of art work. We also stock products that ensure colour preservation and sun protection for the months thereafter and that protect tattoos against fading. As part of our aftercare product range we stock piercing solution cream and Studex after-piercing products to ensure all piercings are well looked after in the days following the insertion of new jewellery.

We guarantee a great range of piercing and tattoo aftercare products at reasonable rates and ensure that after care products are easily available to every artists and piercer who wants to offer their clients quality brands. With 20 years' experience in the tattoo industry we are confident that we can recommend products that are suited to all types of tattooing or piercing.