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Whether you are an up and coming artist or an established great, having quality tattooing books to hand will help your business to grow. When customers arrive looking for inspiration, the tattoo design book is the first place they will look. We sell the best quality books available, including artwork of all styles: from Japanese koi templates and other Asian inspired tattoo classics through to dragon designs and contemporary logos. All of the most popular art areas are represented in our selection, which will not disappoint.

We know that every customer is unique and that each piece of art is tailored to meet their own requirements and to look its best on their individual body. However, we also know that having a clear point of reference to discuss with clients can make consultations much more effective and can allow your client to truly express which elements they like the best. A good quality source book provides visual aids, meaning the subtle differences in art style and imagery can easily be explained. Being able to turn a page and see variations on a theme means the customer is making an informed decision and so you are producing great artwork every time.

Not only do the best tattoo books inspire the customer, they can also serve as artistic reference for the tattooist and help to create the right atmosphere in the shop. Providing quick and easy reference points for work in all styles, the flash books we sell are universally popular and designed to help you in as many ways as possible.