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TatSoul Premium Silicone Clipcord

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When it comes to finding the ideal solution for your needs there are no shortage of options, even when looking for something as standard as a clipcord. Of course this particular selection is one of the higher end products when it comes to clipcord cables, offering a premium silicone clipcord from TatSoul which has been developed more specifically to provide you with a durable and reliable product selection to suit your needs regardless of what those may be.

For starters this is an attractive back cord, which provides the professional appearance to suit any studio design. Second of all this provides you with a cord that is six feet long; more than long enough to handle most studio setups and provide you with a good length for moving around while you work, should you be the type to do so. The real premium part of this clipcord is the materials and design, which have both been selected to ensure that the cord is as durable as it could be. The cord itself uses a silicone casing, which is flexible, lightweight and resistant to tangling, to provide you with one of the more suitable selections to offer more convenient travelling and storage. Finally the design features durable coiled springs at each connection, which help to protect the connection point from wear, tear and general damage.