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Numbing creams can help make the pain of a tattoo more bearable and allow the artists to tattoo with confidence knowing that the recipient will be relaxed, comfortable and lie still for the duration of the session. We have a great selection of tattoo numbing cream products that will help make your tattoo experience a pleasant one. A numbing cream can extend the length of session to ensure that you are able to compete your tattoo in the shortest possible time period whilst experiencing minimal amount of discomfort and will assist you in lying still even when the artist is busy inking the more sensitive areas.

For artists, tattoo numbing cream is an essential item to keep in stock and can help assuage a nervous tattoo recipients fears, or keep them comfortable and still whilst being inked. Tattooing a person who has been prepped with numbing cream also creates the perfect canvas for the artist as there is limited distortion or swelling of the skin and there is no interference with the tattoo ink.

Our numbing creams are of the highest quality and have a proven track record. All our products are tested and offer optimum results for both the artist and the tattoo recipient. Tattoo numbing cream is available as a gel, spray or a cream and can be used prior to the tattoo or during it, depending on the type of product chosen and the requirements of the user or the artist. We sell top brands such as TattooNumb (stronger levels of Lidocaine than both EMLA & Ametop) and Dr Numb and you can choose which application option suits your needs best. With over 20 years of experience in the tattoo industry, our expertise ensures all our numbing products allow the tattoo recipient the opportunity to relax and enjoy being inked and the artist the best possible canvas on which to work.