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Elite Pocket S6 Stencil Printer

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Introducing the cutting-edge tattoo printing device, crafted with precision and innovation. Its sleek and compact design, measuring at 260mm x 57mm x 29mm, ensures unparalleled portability for on-the-go tattoo artists. Embrace the freedom of wireless printing through seamless Bluetooth connectivity, providing a cord-free experience that revolutionizes the tattooing process.

Powered by a robust 1200mAh lithium battery, our device guarantees longevity, allowing artists to create 60-80 tattoo designs on a single charge. Rest easy knowing this product holds prestigious CE and FCC certifications, signifying adherence to rigorous international quality standards. Our user-friendly app, available on both the Apple Store and Google Play, empowers artists with intuitive control and customization options, enhancing the overall creative experience.

Experience versatility like never before with the ability to print on 11" or 14" sheets, accommodating various tattoo sizes and styles. Elevate your artistic endeavors with our groundbreaking photo splitting feature, effortlessly creating large tattoo stencils for intricate designs. Unleash your creativity with a tattoo printing solution that merges cutting-edge technology, portability, and compliance to set new standards in the industry.


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