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Electric Dormouse


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Electric Dormouse Smart Shader - magnumtattoosupplies
Electric Dormouse Smart Shader

Tattoo Machine

$232.00 inc. VAT
The Electric Dormouse brand of tattoo machines is extremely popular amongst professional tattoo artists. With a range of machines to choose from there is something for everyone. Choose from the Saturno Rotary, Smart Liner, Smart Shader and Smart Color depending on your needs. The Saturno Rotary is a professional tattoo machine that weighs only 80 grams and offers artists’ excellent performance in filling and shading. Made from high quality materials the frame is made from aluminium and nickel plating to ensure that it is resistant to both oxidation and wear and tear. A light and easy to use machine that will offer artists the greatest comfort as they tattoo. The Smart Liner tattoo machine has been specifically designed to tackle line work. Featuring 8 wrap coils the machine has superb power and weighs 230 grams. Manufactured from stainless Electric Dormouse AVP the machine has excellent mechanical strength. Artists will benefit from increased balance and reduced vibrations which will lower the chances of hand fatigue. The Smart Shader and the Smart Color machines have been made to the same standards as the Smart Liner. They however are specifically designed for either shading or colour fill. All machines by Dormouse are made to the highest of standards and with the artist in mind. They are strong, durable and reliable and will serve a tattooist well for tattoos that stand out from the rest.