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Instrument Cleaning


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Barbicide solution (1.89L)
Barbicide solution (1.89L)

$41.00 inc. VAT
Braun Helizyme (1L) - magnumtattoosupplies
Braun Helizyme (1L)

$29.00 inc. VAT
Cleaning Brush Kit (5) - magnumtattoosupplies
Cleaning Brush Kit (5)

$8.00 inc. VAT
Dettol (250ml)
Dettol (250ml)

$3.00 inc. VAT $4.00
Isopropyl Alcohol (1L)
Isopropyl Alcohol (1L)

$16.00 inc. VAT
Medistel Disinfectant (1l) - magnumtattoosupplies
Medistel Disinfectant (1l)

$46.00 inc. VAT
Clean instruments are essential when working in a tattoo and piercing shop. We supply a wide range of equipment designed to ensure that all tattoo and piercing apparatus is safe and clean to use on customers. We sell cleaning brushes for scrubbing of ink or blood off your stainless steel tips or grips. We also provide other products like disinfectants and powders that help sterilise your instruments.