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Round Shaders (RS) Tattoo Needles

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Highest quality, sterile, pre-soldered, ready made, on the bar tattoo needles, individually blister packaged. Available In Sizes: 03RS, 05RS, 07RS, 08RS, 09RS, 11RS, 13RS, 14RS, 15RS, 18RS

Modern tattoo artists should only employ the best tattoo needles. Therefore, we are happy to offer a box of fifty MTS high-precision round-shading needles. Of course, such devices have undergone rigorous safety inspections immediately after their manufacture. They are constructed from stainless steel certified under ISO 9001 and no burs or hooks are present. Each needle has been sterilised, is recognised by the CE and is therefore approved in all of Europe.

For further safety reasons, each needle is individually blister packaged and immediately ready for use. These pre-soldered needles are available in numerous sizes that range from 03RS to 18RS. Their quality construction will allow for highly detailed work and when combined with an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship, it is clear to see why these round shaders (RS) needles are consistently chosen by countless professional tattoo artists.

1 box = 50 Needles