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Critical Magnetic RCA Cord - 90 Degree

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The clever little minds at Critical Tattoo have a solution to prevent your RCA cords slipping off onto the floor, to then be ran over by your chair or stepped on, tripped over etc. Quite a simple solution really… Magnets! Same high quality, non-tangle, lightweight, 7ft, TPE insulated cords but with strong built in magnets to the moulded ends of the cords meaning you can stick it to your workstation confident it won’t slip off and potentially drag your expensive machine with it!


  • TPE insulated cable for exceptional durability
  • Heavy duty
  • Tangle-resistant wire
  • Custom-moulded magnetic end plugs
  • High-quality copper fill gold-plated RCA tip
  • Strong RCA connection to the machine


  • 6ft cord
  • 1/4" mono plug