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Skin Markers

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At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we have over 20 years experience in the tattoo industry and have drawn on our knowledge acquired over this time to ensure that all our products are of the finest possible quality. Artists can confidentially purchase our products as they have all been stringently tested and we ensure that everything we sell is designed to make your tattooing experience safer, easier and produce the best possible result.

Our extensive range of tattoo skin markers and tattooing pens are available in a variety of different colours and tips to ensure all designs can be drawn onto the skin with ease. These tattoo skin markers are ideal for editing designs or free hand drawing a design onto the skin and are completely hygienic and safe for use all over the body. The pens contain a water based ink that is suitable for sensitive skins and the ink is easily removable with a single wipe.

Tattooing pens are an important tool in any tattoo studio and artists are advised to keep a stock of them handy to ensure they always have the option of editing or free handing directly onto the tattoo recipient's body. The pens are available in different quantities so they can be purchased in bulk or as a single unit depending on the tattooists requirements and we offer various packs of pens in different colour and quantities to suit all needs.

We know that the quality of the equipment you use inspires confidence in your clients and helps you obtain the best possible results, so our range of pens are of the highest standard, are easy to use and are safe and hygienic.