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AloeTattoo Gold Bloom Tattoo Aftercare Bioactive Cream (30g)

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GOLD BLOOM Tattoo Aftercare Bioactive Cream by ALOE TATTOO - a new, exclusive cream developed by the ALOE TATTOO laboratory.

High-quality cream, specially formulated to achieve optimal conditions during healing of newly tattooed skin. This product does not contain chemical preservatives (parabens, thiazolinones, etc.). Bioactive ingredients of the cream give it self-preserving properties. Provides skin protection against external factors and possible irritations. Containing Bisabolol, allantoin and bioactive vitamin E, with a soothing and protective function on the skin. The cream has a pH of 5, which is ideal for the protective layer of the skin. Promotes quick healing of the skin by bioactive ingredients: pure aloe juice (self-preparation) and marigold flower.

The cream is also suitable for skin healing after laser tattoo removal.
After the laser removal of the tattoo: after about 2 hours, clean and dry the place after the tattoo, then apply a layer of cream and gently massage into the skin. Repeat 3-4 times a day.

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