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Industry Inks - Opaque Grey Set (1oz)

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$88.00 inc. VAT
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Introducing a meticulously curated six-shade opaque grey set featuring tones at 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and 90%. Industry Inks, the brainchild of tattoo artist and shop owner Matt Kramer, stands at the forefront of innovation in tattooing. With the expertise of Eric Watson and his extensive experience in ink mixing, the brand is poised for continuous advancement.

Dedicated to the continuous evolution of Industry Inks, Matt Kramer and Eric Watson work collaboratively to redefine industry standards. All inks within their collection are thoughtfully developed using organic pigments and vegan-friendly ingredients, aligning with the brand's commitment to quality and ethical practices.

Crafted with precision, each ink in the set is designed to strike the perfect balance between pigment load and workability, ensuring a seamless tattooing experience. The overarching goal of Industry Inks is clear: to create an ink that consistently saturates, reducing trauma during the tattooing process and promoting improved overall healing.

Proven through extensive use, these inks have demonstrated their ability to facilitate better, brighter, and bolder tattoos during the healing process. Industry Inks remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of excellence, offering tattoo artists a reliable and superior choice for their artistic endeavors.