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Micropads Skin Simulation Kit

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Within this bag, you'll discover a range of unique practice pads designed to elevate your skills to the next level.

Introducing the Micropads "Skin Simulation Set" – an innovative training solution tailored for tattoo and micropigmentation artists seeking realistic practice experiences. Unlike outdated methods involving fruit or animal skins, our cutting-edge set offers a superior alternative.

These practice skins, available in various Fitzpatrick skin tones, allow you to explore how different ink colors and shades appear on diverse ethnic skin types.

Crafted with a round shape for a natural feel, the pads feature varying thicknesses from the center to the edges, mimicking the complexity of human skin. Made from high-grade silicone and coated with a specially formulated layer, our pads enable easy removal of excess ink without smudging, leaving only intentional markings behind. With a carefully selected grade 70 shore silicone, the pads provide lifelike resistance akin to working with a tattoo needle on real skin. Each pad includes both a smooth side and a hyper-realistic skin-textured side, enhancing your practice experience.

Whether you're practicing tattooing, PMU, or micropigmentation, our multi-thickness, textured pads accurately replicate the sensation of genuine human skin. Their anti-slip properties ensure stability and grip for safer, more efficient practice sessions. Portable and user-friendly, the "Skin Simulation Set" empowers you to refine your skills anywhere, anytime.

Unleash your full creative potential with the Micropads "Skin Simulation Set."

This packaging is biodegradable under industrial conditions.


  • 4 high-quality skin-textured pads made of pure silicone.