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Mini Metal Footswitch

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When it comes to tattoo supplies there are always a wide variety of options available to you as a tattoo artist, regardless of whether you’re looking for tattoo tubes or a tattoo machine, there are a number of variations with a selection of brands, materials, sizes, designs and even colours to choose from, so you can always be sure to find something that is suitable to your particular requirements, regardless of what those might be. When it comes to tattoo machine accessories this is no different, and products like this footswitch are available with a variety of specifications, so you can certainly be sure to find something to suit your needs, regardless of whether that is this mini metal footswitch, or one of the alternative options. Of course, being a mini metal footswitch this particular variation is a small, compact and easy to transport selection, which can be incredibly beneficial to travelling tattoo artists. This is manufactured using a durable and reliable selection of metal, which helps to ensure that it offers a continued and long lasting solution to your needs, regardless of what your particular requirements might be, and with a 1.5m flex cable to work with you can be sure that it will provide you with a suitable length that allows you to move around while you’re working and allows a suitable addition to most studio designs.