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Uniglove Select Black - Latex Gloves (Max 3 Per Customer)

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Unprecedented demand and limited production have lead to an increase in our cost prices for all disposable gloves. This means a temporary price increase which we hope will revert back in due course when production and supply practices return to normal.

Featuring stretchy material designed for the most precise tasks because of the dexterity it allows. Premium quality, powder free, black latex gloves by acclaimed supplier Uniglove. Contains a minimal amount of protein, ideal for professionals such as tattooists and body piercers.


Top Quality Uniglove Select Back Gloves


  •   Black Latex
  •   Powder Free.
  •   Micro-roughened palm
  •   Available in all sizes
  •   Used in piercing / tattoo studio's all over the world.
  •   The BEST quality available.

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L XL

All sizes available in individual boxes of 100pcs or a full case of 10 x 100pcs

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