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YAYO Encore Supercharged - Tattoo Butter (250ml)

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Discover the potent blend of nature's power with YAYO Encore, a tattoo butter enriched with the raw, natural force of clove oil and bergamot. Crafted by the master butteratiers at YAYO HQ, this top-tier tattoo butter delivers a massive numbing punch, offering relief for those experiencing topical discomfort during the tattooing process.

An alternative to conventional numbing products, YAYO Encore stands out as the OG solution you've been searching for. Immerse yourself in the Clove & Bergamot scented goodness of this moisturizing and soft formulation, infused with the benefits of Vitamin E. Ideal for all skin types, this tattoo butter is designed to expedite the healing of the epidermis, ensuring a bright and vibrant healed tattoo.

YAYO Encore isn't just for aftercare – it's your go-to companion during the tattoo process. With 100% vegan ingredients, it's a conscientious choice for those seeking a cruelty-free option. Choose between the Standard and Supercharged 1000mg options to tailor your tattoo experience. Elevate your ink journey with YAYO Encore – where high-quality tattoo care meets the natural magic of clove and bergamot. It's time for an ENCORE!