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Key considerations for blue ink tattoos: A detailed overview

When considering a blue ink tattoo, it's important to think beyond its beauty. Blue tattoos carry deep meanings, like tranquillity and stability, but there are practical concerns too. Safety, potential allergic reactions, and how the colour lasts over time are key considerations. High-quality ink is essential, and knowing how blue shades will look on your skin is important.

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Tattoo touch-ups: When and why you might need one

Over time, many tattoo enthusiasts face common issues with their tattoos. Colours that once stood out begin to fade, lines blur, and details lose their sharpness. Factors like ageing skin, sun exposure, and life changes such as weight fluctuations can affect your tattoo’s appearance.

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The history and meaning of the Manchester bee tattoo

In Manchester, a small yet powerful symbol has captured the hearts of its people. The worker bee, known for representing hard work and community spirit, has been a part of Manchester's identity since the 18th century. But in recent years, especially after a tragic event that shocked the city, the bee has taken on a deeper meaning. The Manchester bee tattoo has become a sign of resilience, unity, and hope.

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What you need to know about tattoo placement

Choosing the right spot for your tattoo is just as important as picking the design. Different body parts can affect how much it hurts to get the tattoo and how well it will look over time. Knowing where tattoos hurt the most can help you decide the best place for yours.

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Debunking 7 most common tattoo myths

Many people hesitate to get tattoos because of widespread tattoo myths that create unnecessary fears about pain, health risks, and professional consequences. These misconceptions can prevent individuals from expressing themselves through body art or cause anxiety for those already inked.

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Why pink tattoo supplies are taking the tattoo industry

Pink tattoo supplies are revolutionising the tattoo industry, offering artists and enthusiasts a fresh, vibrant alternative to traditional black and grey inks. These eye-catching pink inks, machines, and accessories add a pop of colour to tattoo designs and represent a growing trend of self-expression and creativity within the community.

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