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Our Instagram's weekly tattoo Inspiration picks: Get ink-spired


Welcome again to our corner of creativity, where we celebrate the artistry of tattoos. We understand that choosing the perfect tattoo can be a monumental decision, and sometimes, you just need a little inspiration. That's why we're excited to introduce you to our Instagram weekly tattoo inspiration Showcase, where we unveil our top picks of mesmerising tattoo designs.

This week, we're thrilled to present a handpicked selection of stunning tattoo styles representing body art's incredible diversity and talent. Whether you're a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or someone contemplating their first ink, our showcase is here to ignite your imagination. Let's dive into our current favourites.

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Little witchy forest scene tattoo (@daniellegrovestattoo)

Alright, let's dive into the first tattoo! It's a charming little piece, a bit on the witchy side, and it's like a tiny enchanted forest scene captured in ink. You know those magical moments in the woods when the moonlight filters through the trees? Well, this tattoo has that vibe. It's done in a fine-line style, so you'll see delicate, intricate details, and it's all in black and grey.

In this single tattoo, you'll find a couple of cool elements. First up, there's a mushroom – probably one of those whimsical, fairy-tale mushrooms you'd expect to see in an enchanted forest. And to add to the mystical ambience, there's also a moth tattooed in there. So, it's like a slice of a mystical forest night right on your skin.


daniellegrovestattoo - maddierobertstattoo


Bunny tattoo (@maddierobertstattoo)

Let's hop over to the second tattoo. This one's a real charmer. It's found on the forearm, so it's quite visible and makes a statement. Picture this: a cute, illustrative rabbit taking centre stage, but it's not just any old rabbit – it's full of life and colour.

The background is adorned with lovely flowers, giving the whole tattoo a vibrant and picturesque feel. It's like the bunny is frolicking in a field of blossoms.

And speaking of colour, this tattoo idea is a burst of it! So, if you're into a vivid, lively, trendy tattoo, this one might be right up your alley. Plus, it's got a touch of femininity to it, making it a fantastic choice if you're looking for a tattoo that's both charming and elegant.

The Empress tattoo (@hayleyploos)

This one's pretty unique and has a mystical touch to it. It's actually a tarot card tattoo, specifically "The Empress" card.

Now, when you look at this tattoo, you'll notice something interesting about the style. It's not your typical filled-in, solid black ink. Instead, it's done using a technique called stippling. Imagine creating the image using tiny dots instead of solid lines or shading. It gives the tattoo a sort of vintage, pointillism-like effect.

As for the colour, well, there isn't any. This tattoo is all in black, which can make it look really striking and bold. So, it's a monochromatic masterpiece that captures the essence of "The Empress" tarot card.


hayleyploos - bethany_tattoo_


Bratz Beetlejuice tattoo (@bethany_tattoo_)

Alright, folks, here comes the fourth tattoo, and it's a real fun one! Imagine taking two iconic pop culture elements - the Bratz dolls and Beetlejuice - and blending them into a girly, whimsical tattoo.

So, what we've got here is a Bratz doll with a twist. Instead of the usual hair colours, this doll rocks vibrant green hair, giving it a distinctive and eye-catching look. It's like the Bratz doll decided to take a walk on the wild side, Beetlejuice style!

Now, when we say "girly tattoo," we mean it's got that playful and feminine vibe that many folks love. It's a cool fusion of two beloved characters, and it's sure to catch some attention with its unique style. If you're a fan of both Bratz and Beetlejuice, this one might just be your dream tattoo come true.

If you're looking to recreate a tattoo like this with the same vibrant green hair, make sure you use the best ink to achieve that stunning look. Consider using our collection of green tattoo ink to capture the essence of this playful and eye-catching design to ensure your tattoo turns out as vivid and captivating as the Bratz Beetlejuice tattoo by @bethany_tattoo.

Powerpuff girls tattoo (@roxyrydertattoo)

Now, this one's a burst of colour and nostalgia all in one! Imagine the beloved Powerpuff Girls coming to life on your skin in vibrant, eye-popping hues. That's what we have here, a colourful masterpiece.

The Powerpuff Girls, with their sugar, spice, and everything nice, are front and centre in this tattoo. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, the iconic trio, are ready to save the day in all their animated glory.

This tattoo is like a blast from the past, reminding you of those fun childhood moments spent watching the adventures of these superpowered girls. It's not just colourful; it's positively radiant and lively, just like the Powerpuff Girls themselves. So, if you're a fan of nostalgia and vibrant ink, this tattoo style might be the perfect choice for you.




Our top picks tattoo design ideas of the week

We hope you've enjoyed this week's journey through the mesmerising world of the best tattoo ideas. Remember, these are just our top picks for the week, and the world of tattoo artistry is a vast, ever-evolving canvas of endless ink collection. Your perfect tattoo might be waiting just around the corner, so keep exploring, get inspired, and collaborate with a talented tattoo artist to bring your unique vision to life.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date with our latest tattoo ideas and inspiration picks. Join us in celebrating the artists who transform skin into breathtaking canvases, and let's continue to explore the beauty of self-expression, one tattoo at a time.

And here's an exciting announcement: Our inspiration journey continues next week! Follow us to discover more incredible artists and their exceptional work. If you find a design or an artist you adore, don't hesitate to give them a follow and stay connected with the ever-evolving world of tattoo artistry.


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