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Fantastic Football Tattoos for the World Cup | Tattoo Goo Lotion with SPF50 0

Today will see the country come to a standstill as the England football team take on Sweden for a place in the World Cup semi-finals.  It’s the first time in 28 years that England have reached the final four, so it’s nerves and excitement all round for England fans as the nation prepares for the game this afternoon in the beautiful heatwave. 

Naturally, where there’s football involved, you can guarantee to see a striking array of tattoos that pay homage to the beautiful game. Football is a passion for so many, and with England on a roll this year, we're pretty sure we'll see a rise in the number of football themed tattoos being sported around the nation!

Sensational Superbowl Tattoos | Buy Dermalize Pro Tattoo Film online 0

We may be UK based, but that doesn't stop us from appreciating Superbowl Season! Whether you're a fan or not, you can't ignore the Superbowl mania that'll be taking over our TV screens this Sunday!  The NFL is absolutely huge in America, and although it's not as big in the UK, in the past few years it's made a massive impact in England, especially with Jacksonville Jaguars regularly playing home games in London, so today I wanted to have a look at some really cool NFL tattoos - seeing as it's quite fitting with this weekend's events!

Dangerously good Dinosaur tattoos! | Buy Radiant Tattoo Ink online 0

I absolutely love Dinosaurs.  Naturally, I've never had the chance to encounter a real one, but I really enjoy checking out the pre-historic section of my local museum to have a look at some of the ancient fossils on display, and life-like dinosaur statues (Stegosaurus is my favourite!). I used to dabble in a bit of archaeology myself, so I've always found anything dinosaur-related to be really interesting. Unfortunately, the dinosaur days are over, but some people have taken their love for dinosaurs to the next level with some really cool dinosaur tattoos!

Victor Portugal's exciting new product range | Radiant Tattoo Ink 0

One of the greatest black and grey masters in the tattoo industry at the moment, is widely renowned tattoo artist Victor Portugal. Born in Uruguay, Victor lived in Spain for several years, before eventually moving to Poland, and setting up shop in Krakow where he now works.  Victor started tattooing in 1998, and tends to favour dark, biomechanical work with surrealist elements.  He's really cemented his place within the tattoo industry as an exceptionally talented artist, and has been in the tattoo game a long time, working lots of different tattoo conventions worldwide, getting to know the industry inside and out.  So it's no surprise that someone with his talent and knowledge has brought out his own range of tattoo products. 

Sponsored Artist appreciation - Ben Carlisle | Cheyenne Tattoo Machines 0

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we have a lot of exceptionally talented tattoo artists on our sponsored artist pro team, each one with a unique and brilliant style, and today we wanted to talk about one of the artists who's really killing it in the tattoo industry at the moment.  Ben Carlisle, who works at Devil in the Detail, Stoke-on-Trent has been one of our sponsored artists for almost a year now, and we're really glad to have joined forces with him!  Ben specialises in hyper-realism, and the majority of his work is really colourful and detailed, and he has a knack for creating some incredible cartoon and Disney themed pieces.  His work is literally breathtaking, aso we wanted to take a look at some of his more recent creations.

Celebrities with tattoos and the rise of tattoos in the mainstream | Buy Tattoo Ink Online UK 0

Tattooing has been around for a very long time, however it's only in recent years that tattoos have become a popular trend within mainstream society.  Many moons ago, tattoos were typically associated with sailors, criminals, and alternative sub-cultures – but a lot has changed, and tattoos are now more popular than ever!