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Sensational Superbowl Tattoos | Buy Dermalize Pro Tattoo Film online


We may be UK based, but that doesn't stop us from appreciating Superbowl Season! Whether you're a fan or not, you can't ignore the Superbowl mania that'll be taking over our TV screens this Sunday!  The NFL is absolutely huge in America, and although it's not as big in the UK, in the past few years it's made a massive impact in England, especially with Jacksonville Jaguars regularly playing home games in London, so today I wanted to have a look at some really cool NFL tattoos - seeing as it's quite fitting with this weekend's events!

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we enjoy seeing all kinds of tattoos, and as a store where you can buy Dermalize Pro tattoo film online, it's great to see the work that tattoo artists do when it's fresh, and healed!  So, whether you'll be rooting for the New England Patriots, or the Philadelphia Eagles, let's show some appreciation for these NFL inspired tattoos this Superbowl Sunday!


I thought I'd kick off with this one done by @seahorsemaster.  Extremely fitting given that the Patriots are once again in the Superbowl final this season!  A really cool tattoo of the Superbowl trophy.


Awesome Greenbay Packers tattoo!  I'm not sure who the artist is that did this, but it's a really great tribute from a Packers fan. 


I love this Eagles tattoo.  It's really detailed and is particularly fitting for this weekend's antics.  I've got a vague understanding of how American Football games work, and I'll be rooting for the Eagles myself!


I really like the Jacksonville Jaguars - (and I particularly like the colourscheme of their jersey!).  This tattoo is super-solid and clean, and I think the Jaguars logo works really well as a tattoo,.


This Raiders tattoo is astounding.  The Raiders seem to be pretty popular, especially in the UK. What a great tribute from a super-fan. 


This sleeve is incredible.  I'm not sure which artist did this (I'm guessing he's U.S based!).  The Patriots logo at the bottom is really well done, and I love the NFL logo in this too. 


This is one of my favourites - a Cincinnati Bengals piece that really jumps out at you! The Bengals didn't do great this season, but nonetheless, a really cool team!


This is dedication to your team!  A stunning Washington Redskins piece.  I particularly like the colours of the lettering on the fingers. 


Last but not least, a tattoo that's been shared on social media quite a lot recently! A dedicated superfan of the Eagles has decided to get a Superbowl three-peat tattoo!  Let's just hope that the Eagles conquer the Patriots this year, (and also make it to the Superbowl and win for the next 2 years after that!).  Here's to hoping!


If you have any tribute tattoos to your favourite sports team then let us know in the comments section!  From NFL nerds to Football fanatics, we'd love to hear from you!  If you're getting a new tattoo then we'd highly recommend you buy Dermalize Pro Tattoo film online, which works as a protective barrier that helps to heal your tattoo and keep any germs at bay.

We hope you enjoy the Superbowl this Sunday!


Love Toni...



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