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MTS Blog — tattoo machine


The almighty Killer Bee Tattoo Machine is here! | Killer Bee Tattoo Machine Supplier 0

One of the hottest tattoo machines on the market right now is the Killer Bee Tattoo Machine from Immortal Innovations.  All tattoo artists know that a good quality, well-built tattoo machine is paramount when it comes to producing excellent tattoos, and the Killer Bee tattoo machine offers just that!  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we’re fortunate enough to be a Killer Bee Tattoo Machine Supplier, and we’re ecstatic to hear how happy our customers are with this machine, and we’re thrilled with the amount of excellent feedback it’s received!

Sailor Jerry and his influence on traditional tattooing | Tattoo Machine Accessories 0

One of the most iconic tattoo artists of all time is Norman Keith Collins, more famously known as Sailor Jerry.  We’re huge fans Sailor Jerry style tattoos here at Magnum Tattoo Supplies, and as a UK supplier of Tattoo Machine Accessories we thought it’d be fitting to have a look at some of the incredible Sailor Jerry flash, and also check out some Sailor Jerry inspired old -school tattoos by modern day artists.

Let's Marvel at these Tattoos! | Tattoo Machine Wholesale 0

Marvel is a hugely successful franchise by now, arguably the most successful comic-book franchise with DC right next to it. I've always preferred Marvel myself so I thought we could start by looking at some awesome tribute tattoos to the heroes of Marvel and we will look at the DC heroes another day! Here at MTS we sell tattoo machine wholesale but we also love comics and tattoos, so let's get into looking at some of this awesome artwork.

Why it doesn't matter that your tattoos will still be there when you are 80 | Tattoo Machine Supplier 0

If you have tattoos you then you are sure to hear this phrase or some variation of it at some point "you know those will still be there when you are 80?" it's so common for people who don't have or like tattoos to say this that it has become a meme at this point. I think there are many things wrong with the sentiment and as a tattoo machine supplier then we here at MTS feel some obligation to explain exactly why these people are wasting their breath, here we go.

Tattooed Teachers? | Tattoo Machine Wholesale Supplier 0

I recently came across an article in The Guardian called “Should Teachers be able to have Tattoos?”. The article peaked my interest because it’s not one that’s wholly new to me as my mum is a manager of a nursery and she we have had many conversations on whether she should show her tattoos at work, it’s something that she thinks a lot about. Now I am obviously coming from a bias position as we here at MTS as a tattoo machine wholesale supplier love everything about tattoos, so keep that caveat in mind so you know which side of the fence I am coming from. The article basically showed a few different statements from head teachers, teachers, parents and one tattoo artist that used to teach maths. It was fairly open ended in the way it didn’t state at the end whether there was a right answer, let's look at some of the points that were brought up.

Respect the Process | Tattoo Equipment Supplier 0

Getting your first tattoo can be an anxiety ridden experience, you know it’s going to hurt, no one likes to be hurt, you know you are putting your skin into the hands of a stranger essentially unless you personally know the tattooist then great! There are tonnes of posts on how to prepare for your tattoo, research the studios, speak to the artists, picking a design you love and one that is achievable, but what is it actually like to sit in the chair and get it done? As a tattoo equipment supplier, we are familiar with the process and want to familiarise you so you know exactly what to expect and hopefully conquer at least some of those first tattoo nerves!