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Let's Marvel at these Tattoos! | Tattoo Machine Wholesale


Marvel is a hugely successful franchise by now, arguably the most successful comic-book franchise with DC right next to it. I've always preferred Marvel myself so I thought we could start by looking at some awesome tribute tattoos to the heroes of Marvel and we will look at the DC heroes another day! Here at MTS we sell tattoo machine wholesale but we also love comics and tattoos, so let's get into looking at some of this awesome artwork.


Wolverine is one of my favourite Marvel mutants and he has been through a lot over the years, both on-screen and in the comics. I really love this bold tattoo of his comic-book counterpart, the colours stand out so well and it really captures the cantankerous Wolverine we all know and love. It reminds me of when I used to watch the cartoons on the weekend!

The Hulk

Here is an awesome portrait of The Incredible Hulk, I love the explosions in the background that really capture that chaotic character. The detail in this tattoo is really incredible the lengths the artist has gone to for the shading has really paid off. I wonder if this one was inspired by the film as I swear I'm seeing Mark Ruffalo here, just me?

Marvel Sleeve

There are some sick sleeves dedicated to the Marvel universe out there, but the detail in this one really blew me away. There is so much going on, this sleeve must have taken a while to ink! Even the background looks incredible but it isn't too busy so the heroes in all their glory stand out really well!

Captain America's Shield

This is a great tattoo of Captain America's shield, I never knew a tattoo could look so shiny! Though the design of Captain America's shield is fairly simple the artist has managed to fit so much detail into it. With the blue and red lighnting, it is so nice to look at!

Captain America

Sticking with the Captain here for a moment I wanted to include this one because I just love the design. I love this kind of delicate watercolour effect the artist has achieved. They have included all of his signature colours and it's instantly recognisable!

Captain America and Iron Man

This tattoo offers me a smooth segue from Captain America to Iron Man. Both sides of it are so precise to the character and we can see a lot of work has gone into it. I also love the geometric background as it just gives a little extra dimension to the piece.

Iron Man

Heres Tony Stark on his own and my gosh what an incredible piece! the light really looks like it is shining, I mean everything looks like it is shining! It truly is incredible what tattoo artists are able to do with needles and ink, if I was the owner of this tattoo I would be incredibly proud!


Here is an amazing piece of the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman! I always think of Spiderman as the baby of the Marvel universe, maybe because he is so favoured by children, but what I like about this tattoo is that it captures a more serious side to the hero, he does serious work after all. Also, I love the kind of watercolour effect with the colours, it looks like he could be stood out in the rain!


So we go from the baby of the Marvel universe to quite the opposite! Seriously I was horrified at how many of my eight-year olds friends parents had let them see the film! Deadpool is definitely my favourite guy in the Marvel world and I love the gesture he is making in this tattoo, it really captures the cheekiness of him!


Marvel is widely known thanks to the films but it is also widely known by the diehards from the comics! Looks like we have a diehard fan here as they have a whole comic scene inked on them! The artist has captured the Marvel comic-book style perfectly and it's worth noting that that isn't that easy!

What do you think? Who is your favourite Marvel hero or are you more of a DC kid? Let us know in the comments. Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for tattoo machine wholesale then we see them in our store so check that out!

Love Katy....






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  • Katy Jackson