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The Brilliant New Tattoo Podcast - How Much For a Sleeve?

Podcasts have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people tuning in to listen to like-minded people and enthusiasts in their chosen field chat about topics of interest.  In February of this year, there were 1,750,000 podcasts with over 43 million episodes available, (which is up from 18.5 million in 2018!).  Whether it's comedy, fashion, food, or current affairs that you're into, there's a whole host of content out there to suit your passion, even in more niche markets. 

Finding people that are passionate about the same things as you creates an enormous sense of community, so when we heard about the release of an exciting new podcast all about tattoos, we couldn't wait to give it a listen.  How Much For A Sleeve? is a brand new tattoo podcast hosted by tattoo artist Lucie Tattoo and co-host, tattoo and cat enthusiast Mick Tickner (aka ambrose_n_bowl), who get up close and personal with different guests each week to talk about their experiences in the tattoo industry, and the things that shaped them as artists. 

The tattoo podcast aired in February of this year, and with 4 episodes already under their belt, there's already been some incredible names who have featured, such as Miss Jo Black, Lou Hopper, Danielle Rose and Jay Soos.  Their most recent episode with the talented Matt Stopps covers everything from his boyband history to perfecting his dotwork.  

The very first episode kicks off with the lovely Lou Hopper, owner of Death's Door Tattoo, Brighton.  Lou discusses her experience as a tattoo artist in London and how it compares with tattooing in smaller towns, and talks about her time on Channel 4's Tattoo Fixers, which is really insightful and interesting.  Another episode features the brilliant Danielle Rose and Jay Soos who talk about their travels, and life back in the UK at Sanctuary Tattoo, Dundee.

Lucie and Mick really delve deep into conversations with their guests, and cover all manner of topics.  Their recent podcast with Miss Jo Black features some particularly humorous moments discussing Jo's haunted house and the ghost of McGoggin (a must-listen!).  Jo also chats about her dad's colourful career as a music journalist.  As well as some brilliant comedy elements, the podcasts also cover some really interesting aspects of the tattoo industry.  We were intrigued to hear about Jo Black's experience of the industry when she first began her career, with Jo discussing some of the challenges that she faced as a young woman in an industry that was inherently male dominated, with old school values. 

Available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, you can listen to How Much For A Sleeve? on the go, at home or at work.  Lucie and Mick have also set up a dedicated Instagram page where you can find out about upcoming guests, and submit any questions for the artists that you're itching to know the answer to.  With some more incredible tattoo artists in the pipeline such as Michelle MylesBob TyrellPrisonstyle/Tim and Lal Hardy, and an upcoming podcast with the guys from tattoo machine company Rotaryworks, How Much For A Sleeve? is sure to be a big hit. 
We would highly recommend this podcast to absolutely everyone - from tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts, to anyone who wants to listen to a really interesting and chilled out podcast about tattoos with two great hosts, and amazing guests! You can listen to How Much For A Sleeve? through Apple Podcasts, and on Spotify.  Make sure you check it out. 

How Much For A Sleeve?
Podcasting Has Become A Big Business
The Growing Popularity Of Podcasts

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  • Antonia McLoughlin