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Amazing prints from our pro team members | Buy Addictive Tattoo Clothing online

Not only should we celebrate tattoo artists for the incredible tattoos that they produce, but also for any beautiful artwork that they create in their spare time. Life can be busy when you're a tattoo artist.  When you're not tattooing, your either drawing for your next tattoos, or answering emails, and Instagram and Facebook messages whilst also trying to balance your home life and social life, so it can be pretty tough!   That's why we're always amazed when artists have time to draw and paint in their spare time so that they can create some prints for their customers. 

Perfect Pumpkin Tattoos | Fusion Tattoo Ink Pumpkin Spice

Halloween is just around the corner, which means pumpkins, horror films, fancy dress, and of course Halloween-themed tattoo flash.  It really is the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you're a fan of all things spooky, (which quite often, tattoo artists usually are!).  We love the colours of Halloween, from orange to black to green, and there are some brilliant tattoo ink colours out there to best suit your Halloween-themed tattoos.  We particularly love Fusion Tattoo Ink Pumpkin Spice. 

Cover-up tattoos - How easy are they? | Wholesale Tattoo Ink UK

Today I want to talk about Cover up tattoos!  Like many tattooed people, I have a couple of cover-ups myself after wanting to get rid of some bad tattoos I had done years ago before I had any knowledge about the tattoo industry, and the talented tattoo artists out there now.  I hadn't put a lot of thought into the designs I'd chosen - (an anchor or my thigh, and some peony flowers on me elbow), and the artists I'd gone to at the time were relatively new to tattooing, so the end result wasn't the greatest!  Years later, after much debate I decided to get them covered.  Laser was never an option for me - the regrettable tattoos were certainly not the end of the world, (plus I absolutely hate the idea of laser, it literally makes my skin crawl - I've seen how it looks afterwards and although I don't enjoy the pain of being tattooed, it seems like the lesser of evils in comparison!).  So, cover-ups were the way forward! 

Tattoo Apprenticeship: How and why should you get them?

Getting experience in the corporate world and in the tattoo industry has some similarities. If you think you won’t have to undergo internship or apprenticeship when you choose to become a tattoo artist then you’re wrong. Apprenticeship is an important part of aspiring tattoo artist’s career. It not only serves as your training, but it’s also a way of showing respect to the community and to those who have worked hard to earn their rights to become tattoo artists.

Every mentor will be different, you’re luck if you know someone from the family or a friend who can take you as their apprentice. For those who don’t know someone, here are some steps that will help you get started with your apprenticeship:

Start building your portfolio before you apply for apprenticeship. When I say portfolio,  I didn’t mean photos of the actual tattoos you’ve done. If you haven’t been trained by a licensed professional then shouldn’t be tattooing. Remember that you are seeking apprenticeship because you want and you need to be trained by a professional.

Bring a portfolio of your best drawings. Choose the ones that are completed, and ones that showcases your talent. Present your portfolio in a creative and professional way. This will help you convince tattoo shops and tattoo artists that you are serious about getting accepted as their apprentice.

If you don’t have a collection of drawings, start by drawing everyday. Think of designs and things most people get tattooed with. Do not copy the works of other artists. You can get inspiration from their works but never imitate their works. Try colouring your artworks using watercolour, because it’s the media closest to tattooing.

Next step is to find a shop where you want to apply as apprentice. There are lots of tattoo shops you can choose from. Do your research and find a tattoo shop with good reputation. Do a background check to make sure that the time you spent working as an apprentice won’t go to waste. Meet the artist and try to get to know him or her. If you want, you can even book an appointment with the tattoo artist and get yourself tattooed by them. If you’re lucky enough they will even allow you to hangout with them. Spend time volunteering for them and build rapport with them.

When you finally get an apprenticeship, you will need a lot of patience and humility. You’ll probably do most of the dirty work, like taking out the trash, checking inventory, and even running some errands. Don’t be offended, and don’t feel bad. Just do what they ask you to do. Be patient, and don’t expect that you’ll start doing tattoos anytime soon. You’ll probably spend a lot of time watching and observing them do their work.

After spending enough time observing and watching they will then teach you how to make needles, the healthy precautions, and how to use the tattoo machine. During the first try, you probably won’t be tattooing on an actual skin. Depending on your teacher, most tattoo artists practice on fruits. Some artists practice on their own skin. While doing all these work, do not forget that you still have to draw A LOT, to practise your skills. Apprenticeship takes a lot of courage and persistence. It usually lasts for a year or two. Make sure you set enough time and budget for your whole apprenticeship, so you can maximise the experience.