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Atlas Cartridges review: Quality, performance, and value


Choosing the right tattoo cartridges can be really difficult. Artists need high-quality cartridges that perform well and are worth the money. Many brands promise this, but not all of them deliver. Tattoo artists need cartridges that are precise, consistent, safe, and affordable. Atlas Cartridges claims to offer all of this. In this review, we'll see if Atlas Cartridges really live up to the hype. Are they the reliable and cost-effective option tattoo artists need? Let's find out.

Overview of Atlas Cartridges

Atlas Cartridges is a leading provider of premium tattoo cartridges, renowned for their exceptional quality and precision. The company is dedicated to supporting tattoo artists with innovative products that enhance their craft.

With a focus on reliability and performance, Atlas Cartridges offers a wide range of cartridges designed to meet the diverse needs of professional tattoo artists, ensuring consistent and superior results with every use.

Different types of cartridges offered by Atlas

Atlas Genesis Cartridges - Round Liner (RL)

Atlas Genesis Cartridges - Round Liner (RL)

Atlas Genesis Round Liner (RL) Cartridges are specifically designed for artists who demand precision and clarity in their line work. These cartridges feature tightly grouped needles that deliver crisp, clean lines, making them ideal for intricate detailing and outlines.

Tattoo artists appreciate the reliability and control these cartridges provide, allowing them to execute detailed designs with confidence.

The high-quality construction ensures consistent ink flow and reduces the risk of splattering, making them a top choice for professionals aiming for flawless line work.

Atlas Genesis Cartridges - Round Shaders (RS)

Atlas Genesis Cartridges - Round Shaders (RS)

Atlas Genesis Round Shaders (RS) Cartridges are perfect for artists focused on smooth shading and blending. The circular needle arrangement is designed to disperse ink evenly, providing soft transitions and gradient effects. Tattoo artists find these cartridges particularly useful for shading large areas and achieving a realistic, three-dimensional look.

The precision and consistency of the RS cartridges help in creating seamless blends and soft shadows, enhancing the depth and quality of the tattoo.

Atlas Genesis Cartridges - Magnums (M1)

Atlas Genesis Cartridges - Magnums (M1)

Atlas Genesis Magnums (M1) Cartridges are the go-to choice for efficient filling and shading of large areas. These cartridges feature flat needle configurations that allow for greater coverage with each stroke, making the process faster and more efficient.

Tattoo artists appreciate the smooth and even distribution of ink, which helps in creating bold, vibrant sections of colour and shading. The M1 cartridges are essential for large-scale tattoos and colour packing, offering both speed and precision.

Atlas Genesis Cartridges - Round Magnums (RM)

Atlas Genesis Cartridges - Round Magnums (RM)

Atlas Genesis Round Magnums (RM) Cartridges combine the advantages of round shaders and magnums, featuring curved needle tips that are designed for softer shading and blending. These cartridges are ideal for detailed work on curved surfaces and achieving smooth transitions in colour gradients.

Tattoo artists value the RM cartridges for their ability to provide a softer, more nuanced shading effect, which is crucial for creating realistic textures and subtle depth in tattoos. The ergonomic design also reduces hand fatigue, allowing artists to work longer sessions with ease.

Key features of Atlas Cartridges

Design and build quality

  • Robust construction: Atlas tattoo cartridges are renowned for their durable and high-quality materials. They are designed to withstand long hours of use without compromising their integrity.
  • Surgical-grade materials: Manufactured with surgical-grade stainless steel needles and comfortable Polyethylene housing, Atlas cartridges meet strict quality standards.
  • Ergonomic design: The cartridges are shaped to fit comfortably in the artist's hand, reducing fatigue and enhancing control during tattoo sessions.
  • Gas sterilisation: Undergoes gas sterilisation with Ethylene Oxide, ensuring a sanitary and uncontaminated product.
  • Integrated safety membrane: Each cartridge body includes an integrated safety membrane, preventing ink backflow and ensuring a clean operation.
  • Consistent manufacturing: Precision engineering ensures each cartridge is produced to exact specifications, maintaining uniform performance across all units.
  • Sterile packaging: Each cartridge is individually packaged in sterile conditions to ensure the highest hygiene standards, protecting both the artist and the client.

Performance and precision

  • Sharp and stable needles: Atlas cartridges feature needles that are both sharp and stable, providing clean and precise lines.
  • Minimal vibration: Advanced design minimises vibration during use, allowing for more accurate work and reducing hand strain.
  • Smooth ink flow: The cartridges are engineered for a consistent and smooth ink flow, preventing clogging and ensuring even colour distribution.
  • Wide range of configurations: Atlas cartridges cater to different tattooing styles, from fine lines to shading and colouring, and are available in various needle configurations.

Technological innovations

  • Membrane system: Incorporating a high-quality membrane system, each Atlas Cartridge body suppress ink backflow into the grip and machine, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient operation.
  • Advanced needle stabilisation: Innovative needle stabilisation technology reduces wobble and ensures the needle moves straight and true, enhancing precision.
  • Modular design: Some Atlas cartridges feature a modular design, allowing artists to switch out components quickly and efficiently without compromising sterility or performance.
  • Eco-friendly options: With a focus on sustainability, some Atlas cartridges are made using eco-friendly materials without sacrificing quality or performance.

Ease of use

  • Plug-and-play compatibility: Atlas cartridges are designed for easy compatibility with most standard tattoo machines, allowing for quick setup and minimal downtime.
  • Clear casing: The transparent casing of the cartridges enables artists to monitor ink flow and needle movement easily, providing better control over the tattooing process.
  • Quick change system: The quick change system allows for fast and efficient cartridge swaps, enabling artists to maintain workflow without interruptions.
  • User-friendly design: Atlas cartridges' intuitive design makes them easy to use for both experienced tattoo artists and beginners, enhancing the overall user experience.

Pricing and value for money

Atlas tattoo cartridges are priced between £24.99 and £32.99, offering excellent value for money given their high-quality construction, precision performance, and innovative features. This competitive pricing ensures that professional tattoo artists can access reliable and top-notch cartridges without incurring high costs, making Atlas cartridges a favoured choice for those seeking quality and affordability.

Final verdict: Atlas Cartridges review

After thoroughly testing Atlas Cartridges, it's clear that they excel in quality, performance, and value. The precision and consistency they offer make them a reliable choice for tattoo artists. Their safety and affordability further enhance their appeal. If you're looking for cartridges that deliver on all fronts, Atlas Cartridges are a top contender.

If you are ready to upgrade your tattooing experience. Buy Atlas Cartridges on our website now and see the difference for yourself.


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  • Mark Joshua Luz