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Industry Inks: Our featured product this week


Tattoo enthusiasts and artists, we invite you to step into the vibrant world of Industry Inks, where creativity knows no bounds, and the art of tattooing takes on new dimensions. This week, we shine the spotlight on Industry Inks, a name synonymous with excellence, innovation, and a commitment to artistic perfection. If you're a tattoo artist or enthusiast looking for that perfect ink, look no further.

Join us as we explore what makes Industry Inks stand out and why their products are a game-changer in the dynamic world of tattoos.

About Industry Inks brand

Industry Inks is a distinguished brand in the tattoo industry, founded and designed by the experienced chemist Eric Watson. With a profound commitment to quality, the brand offers a range of tattoo inks meticulously developed with organic pigments and vegan-friendly ingredients. This dedication to eco-friendliness and cruelty-free products reflects Industry Inks' forward-thinking approach.

What sets their products apart is the meticulous consideration given to the balance of pigment load and workability, ensuring a smooth and consistent application.

By reducing trauma during the tattooing process, their inks facilitate better overall healing, resulting in brighter and bolder tattoos. Industry Inks stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the world of tattooing, continually striving to provide tattoo artists with the finest tools to create stunning and enduring works of art.

Varieties of Industry Inks

Industry Inks understands that every tattoo artist has unique needs and styles. That's why they offer a diverse range of tattoo inks to cater to a variety of preferences. Let's take a closer look at some of their featured product sets:

Industry Inks- Primary Set

The Primary Set (1oz) is the perfect starting point for anyone beginning their journey into the world of tattooing. This set includes 12 staple colours that Industry Inks has to offer. From the eye-catching Canary Yellow to the classic Everyday Black and the versatile True Blue, this set provides a versatile palette for both aspiring and seasoned tattoo artists.


Industry Inks - Primary Set (1oz)


Industry Inks- Traditional Plus Set

For those looking to expand their colour range with timeless classics, the Traditional Plus Set is an excellent choice. Featuring 12 standard 1oz inks, this set includes essential colours like Crimson Red, Sunburst, and Gray. These go-to shades ensure that tattoo artists have everything they need to create traditional masterpieces.

Industry Inks- Anime Flesh

Tattooing enthusiasts who are into the unique style of anime-inspired tattoos are in for a treat with the Anime Flesh Set Colours (1oz). This collection showcases the very best of the Anime Flesh Colors available from Industry Inks. With colours like "Anime Flesh Dark" and "Kogecha," artists can achieve the perfect anime aesthetic with precision and creativity.

Industry Inks- Skin tone

If you're a tattoo artist looking to master the art of skin tone portraits, look no further than the Skin Tone Portrait Set 1oz by Industry Inks. This carefully curated collection includes 12 exquisite shades, including Blush Pink, Pink, Pink Rose, Clay Rose, Camel, Sand, Cream, Seashell, Mineral, Beige, Beige Sienna, and Light Umber. Each shade has been meticulously formulated to help you achieve the perfect skin tone in your portraits.

With Industry Inks, you can elevate your tattooing experience and bring a new level of realism and artistry to your work. Innovation meets the art of tattooing in this remarkable set.


Industry Inks - Skin Tone Set (1oz)


Industry Inks- Greywash

Introducing the Industry Inks Greywash set, a comprehensive range of greywash shades designed to cater to the needs of tattoo artists who demand precision and versatility in their work. This set features five distinct shades: Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, Dark, and Extra Dark

Industry Inks- Opaque Grey

When it comes to achieving opaque grey tones in your tattoos, Industry Inks has you covered with their Opaque Grey Colours. These six shades adhere to Industry Inks' meticulous quality standards, ensuring that your work meets the highest professional standards.

Available in 1oz bottles, these shades come in varying percentages, including 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and 90%. Whether you need a subtle hint of opacity or a bolder, more pronounced grey tone, these inks provide the versatility you need to create exceptional tattoos.

Industry Inks - French Grey

For those who appreciate the subtlety of French Opaque Grey tones with a slightly warmer touch, Industry Inks presents the French Grey set. This 1oz set includes bottles at 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and 90% opacity levels. Perfect for artists who want to add a unique warmth to their grey palette, these inks offer the ideal balance between traditional greywash and a touch of warmth that can make your tattoos truly stand out.


Industry Inks - French Grey Set (1oz)


Why you should buy Industry Inks?

Industry Inks' compliance with stringent EU quality standards, global health regulations, and thorough chemical and heavy metals testing by CTL® GmbH underscores their commitment to safety and purity. What truly sets Industry Inks apart is their refusal to compromise on formula integrity to meet these standards, guaranteeing consistency in quality no matter where you are in the world.

When you choose Industry Inks, you're not just buying tattoo ink; you're investing in the art of tattooing and the well-being of your clients, all while benefiting from a brand that continuously strives for innovation and excellence.

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  • Mark Joshua Luz