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CPL Camera Lens & Light Kit

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Introducing the CPL Lens & Light Kit, an indispensable accessory for tattoo enthusiasts and artists looking to effortlessly capture their artistic masterpieces. This groundbreaking package features a compact and portable tripod, designed for single-handed operation to ensure stable shots and seamless panning motions. Equipped with an integrated LED light and a clip-on polarizing filter, the CPL Lens & Light Kit ensures optimal illumination and minimizes glare, resulting in top-notch footage and images of tattoos.

Furthermore, the tripod's centrally positioned phone holder offers a secure platform for your device, enabling you to capture tattoo moments like a seasoned professional. Whether you're compiling a portfolio, chronicling the evolution of a design, or showcasing your artistry on social media, the CPL Lens & Light Kit is a versatile and user-friendly tool that consistently delivers professional-grade results.

Effortlessly adjust the light's brightness and temperature using the conveniently located control wheel on the side, and easily fine-tune polarization directly from the lens clip.

Images for illustration only, mobile device not included