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Mast Pro SMP & PMU Professional Cartridges - All Configurations

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Mast Tattoo's ingenious creation, the Mast Pro SMP/PMU series, boasts a distinctive stabilizing system tailor-made for the finesse of Permanent Make-Up (PMU) and Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) applications.

A pinnacle of Mast's artistry, this series is meticulously crafted at every juncture, incorporating an exclusive style stabilizing system. Designed to cater to the intricate demands of micropigmentation and permanent makeup, encompassing eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, microblading, small tattoos, and even the intricate art of hair tattooing on the scalp.

An innovative protective membrane thwarts any potential liquid backflow into the machine. The precision-engineered individual tips enshroud the needle's bar, magnifying needle stabilization and augmenting precision. This cartridge facilitates optimal ink intake and distribution, ensuring consistent and uniform work across the canvas. Irrespective of hair techniques, lip shading, or other forms of permanent cosmetics, these needle modules guarantee flawless pigmentation, exact lines, and unparalleled colour blending.

The Mast SMP cartridges feature translucent tips for enhanced visibility. Needles fashioned from surgical stainless steel are subjected to 100% EO gas sterilization and meticulously packaged individually. The sleek and ergonomic design, coupled with improved ink flow and internally shaped structure, contributes to minimal trauma.

Notably user-friendly, these cartridges seamlessly harmonize with various tattoo devices, including the Mast tattoo pen machine and other permanent makeup devices equipped with a cartridge interface.

Each box contains 20 meticulously crafted cartridges.


RL, RM, M1:  5mm taper

RS: 3.5mm taper