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Eternal Ink Top 25 Set (25 x 1oz)

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Colour sets don’t always include the colours you want, which can make purchasing sets a little bit of a problem for a lot of busy artists. However, when it comes to the eternal top 25 colour set this isn’t an issue; because the set includes all of the top, most popular colours in one place, meaning that it provides all of your favourites. All of the inks available within the selection are organic, non-toxic inks, which reduces the chances of your customers suffering a reaction, even if those with sensitive skin. As hygiene is an important issue for artists we also ensure that all of our inks are as fresh as possible, because we never freeze them, and we sterilize our inks using advanced gamma radiation technology to destroy any potentially harmful bacteria that may be present in the inks; this will further help to reduce the chances of a reaction.

The colours in this selection include;

white, triple black, lining black, lipstick red, lightning yellow, dark red, sky blue, true blue, crimson red, hot pink, light purple, orange, light magenta, graffiti green, bright orange, golden yellow, mint green, pink, dark purple, light red, deep red, lime green, bright yellow, caramel and nuclear green.

This wide range of colour options and selection of popular shades helps to ensure that you can complete a variety of designs to the best of your ability without the need to browse, select and purchase individual colours.