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Magnifying Glass


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Eye Loupe Magnifying Glass - magnumtattoosupplies
Eye Loupe Magnifying Glass

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Every tattoo artist needs to have some form of magnifying glass in their studio to ensure that their needles are in perfect condition before each artwork begins. Generally artists examine their needles to check and see if there are any jarred edges, that all edges are sharp and that none of the tips are bent or damaged. A bent or jarred needle will affect the distribution of ink and the final product may not be as crisp and clear as desired.

Tattoo magnifying glasses can help an artist check the condition of their machines needles and every studio should be equipped with one of these useful tools. At Magnum Tattoo Supplies we stock a selection of eye loop magnifiers to help artists ensure their needles are always in optimum condition. Needle quality is exceptionally important as it affects the art work being created and can have an impact on the finished result if needles are not in tip-top shape. Damaged needles may create wobbly lines or shading and additional touch-ups may be required to fix any imperfections.

These tattoo magnifying glasses allow artists to inspect needle configurations with ease and any needle that is not satisfactory can easily be replaced thanks to the magnifying zoom. We stock varying zoom options, with 20x to 40x being the standard preferred by most professional studios. Tattoo artists may also use magnifying glasses to examine intricate designs and replicate them exactly for clients.

Our eye loop magnifiers are excellent quality and we know that every studio needs durable and reliable tools of the trade. All our products are tried and tested and we offer a great range of tattoo equipment for small and large studios at competitive prices.