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TatSoul Footless Footswitch

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$35.00 inc. VAT
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This is the red button footless footswitch from TatSoul, and provides you with one of the most reliable and effective selection of on/off button switches available on the market today, giving you the most compact and convenient solution available, which is ideal for providing you with consistent and constant power for all of your tattoo needs. This completely eliminates the need for the traditional footswitch, giving you a new, effective solution that can be completely relied upon for years to come, with a simple but convenient solution. This isn’t just a nice little button for your machine, but a fantastic product, with a premium standard build quality made of stainless steel to give you the longest lasting, most durable and effective possible option for your needs.

When it comes to finding a footswitch for your power supply unit there are no shortage of options, but when it comes to finding a footswitch alternative, something that gives you a comfortable and convenient in hand operation that allows you to switch seamlessly from consistent power to no power, there are very few products that would be capable of competing with the red button footless footswitch. Not only are there very few items on the market capable of giving you the same results, but there are even less that are manufactured to the same exceptional standards.